Friday, June 24, 2011

Story of my 40k career

This was copied and pasted straight from BOLS and was originally posted by Duke.  I just thought it emplified my views on 40k and thought I'd share it with you.
Introducing: The Casual-Competitve Gamers.
These are guys that your not quite sure what to expect when you face off against them.  Their army is nicely painted (by them).  Their army isn't necessarily a "net list," but it looks like it could put down some hurt.  Usually this guy will remind you if you forget something like issuing an order...Though he still might not tell you something that would totally lose him the game.  This is the player that may think about letting you go back to your movement if you forgot to do something.  Generally he doesn't want to beat someone because that person forgot a rule... He wants to win because his tactics and such were simply better.  He will usually tell some jokes, but gets serious when the game comes down to the line. He knows the rules but might forget small details from time to time. This Gamer's attitude is this way generally because he has already proven himself on the big scale... Likely winning large tournaments in the past.  They know that they can win and as such they know they don't have to be a douche-waffle to prove it. Either that, or they don't care too much about being 'best overall,' as long as they feel they played well. All in all they are more casual about winning, but they still want to win, nonetheless.  This person might name their characters, or include some 'less-effective units,' just because he thinks they "are cool." When you play your game with him you aren't left feeling happy and fuzzy, but you will likely share a beer with this guy after the tourney and laugh about your game and how tough it was.


  1. That right there is a good goal/role to strive for.

  2. I was with you, right up until the part about winning. I want to be casual-competitive, but at the moment I'm only casual. Still, when I play regularly, I'm always trying to make the games worthwhile, whether I and/or my opponent learn something, try something new or just have fun.