Sunday, June 26, 2011

Running some numbers

I was thinking about how competitve grey knights really are and  how switching to them as my main army has really stepped up my game.  Let's look at the past to back this up.

My demon tournament record,
3-1 at a small tournament last summer.
3-2 at Nova
6-1 at BFS
5-0 at mechanicon
3-2 at SVDM
4-1 at colonial GT

That's a total of 24-7 not bad I'd say.  I won 77% of my games.

But now let's look at grey knights,
3-0 at local tournament
3-0 at BFS
5-1 at the Grim GT
4-0 at small local nova tournament

That's a total of 15-1.  That's 93.75% victory.

My play skill has increased  that's true.  But grey knights are a new army meaning I've had to learn everything myself the hard way where as I had more time to practice and advice from veterans with demons.

1 comment:

  1. Daemons are so schizophrenic, 77% tournament wins is quite respectible.

    Putting your skills toward a consistently powerful GK list, I'm not surprised by the results.