Friday, June 24, 2011

Grim GT Round 2

Going into round 2 I was the top seed so I got paired up with the lowest winner.  Necrons!

My opponents list was as follows
2 units of 10ish warriors
2 monoliths
3 units of 5 destroyers
2 tomb spiders

Well most grey knight players would be afraid of monoliths, but i have S10 hammers everywhere so they can suck it.

The mission was objectives primary, table quarters secondary, kill points tertiary.  Deployment was pitched battle.  I won the roll for first and took it.

I deployed centrally as such.  With my dreads on the flanks.

He deployed in the 2 corners.  1 monolith in each, 2 destroy squads and a tomb spider near one, and the deceiver destoryer squad and tomb spider near the other.  The warriors were put in reserve.

My Turn 1
I pushed up into the center and unnloaded dreads andd heavy bolters into the deceiver.  I could not roll to wound to save my life and he survived unscathed.

His Turn 1
The destroyers move out for line of sight and they all shoot dreadnaught.  They can only glance them so they cause a bunch of stuns and shakens.

Thankfully I have fortitude.

My Turn 2
I pushed up again (forgot to take a picture I guess.)  I managed to kill the deceiver this turn and 2 destroyers.  The destroyer squad that lost 2 guys actually failed their morale test and flew right off the table.

His Turn 2
Both warrior units came in and hid in the corners.  The destroyers shot again.  1 at a razorback and bew its weapon off, the other at the dread accomplishing nothing thanks to fortitude.

My Turn 3
I push up a little but stay in midfield, I also spread out.  1 strike squad got out and charged a monolith hoping to wreck it.  Sadly I perilsed trying to cast hammerhand and lost my hammer before he could attack.

I also shot up all the destroyers and since there were none left on the table they could not get back up.

His Turn 3
His monolith moves back 6" an particle whips the strike squad that got out.  He tries to do somwthing to my army but fails.

My Turn 4
I push for objective and get closer to his monoliths in an attempt to blow them up next turn  with multiple hammer charges. 

His Turn 4
He doesn't do much to stop me.

My Turn 5
My purifiers and stikes get out on both sides ready to blow up monoliths.  They all charge in and both monoliths go down.  The tomb spiders also get thrown into a multi charge and die aswell.

His Turn 5
His warriors retaliate with rapid fire!  They might have killed a guy or 2 lol

My Turn 6
Because of the wrecked monoliths most of my dreads cant see the warriors.  I charge in after doing what I can in shooting and whiff and barely kill any warriors.

His Turn 6
We continue to fight on his turn but I don't phase him.

The game ended here.  I won 4-0 objective.  (1 strike squad was dead the, the other was in combat) 4-0 quarters and get a ton of VP's.


  1. There's a Necron player at my LGS who has stuck with it and figured out some solid strategies. I didn't see this player use any of them. This list just isn't great by Necron standards. I feel the Necron player lost in Deployment by splitting his forces. I understand he wanted to avoid phasing out, but in doing so he neutered any offensive potential he might have had. He also just chose poor targets. Why target the Dreadnoughts when there are transports on the table?? At this point, it's nicer just to be "that guy" and suggest all would have gone well for him had he not been distracted by the eye candy in the background.

  2. Probably he targeted the dreads because he was trying to stop the S8 they were throwing downfield... I know the guy who played the Necron list, and he pretty much knew he was sunk once he saw the list he was up against. And, let's be honest, he was.

    Oh, and the eye-candy is his girlfriend (fiancee?) who often hangs out at games with him. So she probably didn't cost him the game. ;)