Monday, June 6, 2011

It finally happened

That's right, you have no idea what I'm talking about.  Allow me to enlighten you.  My regin of terror in NJ with grey knights has ended!  After a month and a half, 2 tournament wins, and countless practice games, I've finally been put down.  So, now I'm like 25-1-3 (3 being draws, and 25 is an approximation)

For those who care here was his list

Blood Angels 2000

5 THSS termies + 1 priest in a redeemer
2 5 man assualt squads with meltas in las plas razors
2 5 man assualt squads with meltas in TL HF razors
3 MM attack bikes
2 units of 4 scout bikes with a fist
2 preds (AC LC)

The game went a little like this.  He got first, there wasn't any terrain to hide my tanks behind.  I should have reserved but I thought I could handle the fire power.  I was hoping my re roll seize would scare him away from the alpha strike with the bikes, and if it didn't then I was hoping to seize lol.  A pretty awful strategy, but I figured it could work.

Well he scouted I failed to seize, then his bikes came in wrecked 2 razors and dread.  Then killed 1 of the strike squads I threw at them before dying.  He also took 2 of my dreads out of the game for the first 2 turns, so his tanks went on unscathed.  He shot the crap out of me.  Forced me to split my army, then threw the attack bikes and the redeemer and termies into 1 half, and mephiston and 10 assualt marines into the other.  I managed to kill all of that, but my army was basically dead and he still had 2 preds and 2 razors full of guys on the objectives. 

We actually ended up tying the primary (objective), since it went to turn 7 and I had forced a ld test on one of his scoring units which fled off the objective.  But then he won 3-1 quarters, and like 17-8 kill points.

That's the way the cookie crumbles I guess.  Hopefully I'll make a fewless deployment mistakes in the rematch.

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