Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I'd like to say that I'm thankful for being surrounded by family and friends, and being lucky enough to have a very supportive and carring family aswell.

Also it's my gaming off season right now, hence the lack of blog activity and for that I apologize. I'll post more frequently as I have time but don't count on much regularity for now.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Back from the Bizarre!

Yesterday was the annual Bizarre Bazzar at my local store. It's basically a day which everyone can come in with all of their useless minis and gaming supplies and either trade ir for other people's or sell it for store credit. I brought in most of my tournament winnings along with all the random models that collected over the years.

I walked away with a nice sheet of foam, a new case, a skaven army worth around $800, some awesome demons, and $205 store credit. And, I ended up getting rid of 11 genestealers still on sprue, 3 unopened boxes of raveners, an unopened box of demonettes, 2 unopened boxes of dark eldar mandrakes, 9 of my piranahs, the sky ray, a hammerhead, and tau battle force.

I now have cleaned out a third of my gaming closet, and came up way postive on spendings.  I'd call it successful!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Got my Tau!

So my tau finally came in, only 2 weeks late at that!  I can't really complain since it's a free army from 'Ard Boyz.

I would like to share with you all exactly what I got though,

3 Battleforces- a battle force includes 12 fire warriors, 12 kroot, 4 drones, 1 battlesuit, 3 stealth suits, and a devilfish.  Not so bad.
2 Hammerheads
1 Skyray... It's free so no complaints lol
15, I shit you not, 15 Piranahs!  I mean it is free but what the hell am I going to do with 15 piranahs!?

Usually when I win items like this at tournaments that I don't want I can sell it off to my local store for store credit, however they don't want anything to do with that many piranahs.  Any ideas on what I can do?  Aside from ebay that is...

Saturday, November 5, 2011

New Necrons Not So Scary?

I played a good deal against the new necron codex today and helped try out 2 drastically different armies and found some strengths in both of them.

The first list we tried was fairly successful, and it played a lot like old necrons but better.  It had the Stormlord, 2 monoliths, 2 c'tan, 5 units of 5 warriors, and 30 scarabs or so. 

My grey knights got thrashed up pretty bad but managed to win.  We discovered a lot of cool things from this test but most importantly we learned that necrons can actually be pretty scary assult army, although it's tricky to use.  Also scarabs are pretty nasty little suckers, but they are really fragile even with stealth. 

I'll get into more details about where I think necrons are headed after I tell you a little about my second game.

The next list we tried was created more out of the fact that we knew what all the units above now did, let's try to explore.  We tried a glass hammer fast paced necron list.  It had 2 destoryer lords, 2 max wraith squads, 3 doom scythes, and 4 warrior squads in night scythes (I think that's what they're called)

My grey knights lost 8 vehicles turn 1 and I was tabled by turn 3, but with even 1/3 of my army I was almost able to kill my opponent.  From this we learned that necron transports are just not worht it, they are way too fragile for how expensive they are.  We also learned that wraiths are pretty nuts, and Doom Scythes are unbievably destructive and way too easy to kill.  I lost all 8 vehicles turn 1 to my opponent's 3 doom scythes.

So, after combing what we've learned from the 2 games here's what we've come up with.  A competitive necron list should contain the following units.

Stormlord or 2 Destroyer lords, the destroyer lords give some nice anti tank and can soak up hits for wratihs, the stormlord gives nightfight and hurts things, 4+ sieze is also really powerful against alpha strike armies,  I'm not sure which is better, although I'm leaning towards stoormlord. 

We haven't tested any other HQ's yet so we can't comment on them, but those seemed to do fairly well.

From what we gathered about elites the only ones worth bringing are the c'tan and man are they nasty.  The difficult is dangerous terrain power is just plain rude, I was terrified to take dangerous terrain tests where unnecessary and it really hurts my board control.  Being able to be teleported through the monolith is very powerful aswell and lets you catch a lot of palyers off guard. 

For troops warriors are the only ones worth bringing and they aren;t going to kill anything.  Accept that and move on with your list lol.

In fast we actually found wraiths to outshine scarabs since they can kill things aside from vehicles, and can still be used as an effective tar pit.

For heavies we've only tested the monolith and doom scythe, but we were very pleases with both even if the monolith is vulnerable to rending and melta.  You can't rely too heavily on the doom scythe though, since small elite armies, or armies that like to spread out will bring it down.

If I were to run a necron army personally I would run somwthing simillar to this

The Stormlord

2-3 C'tan

4 units of 5 warriors

2-3 units of 6 wraiths

2-3 monoliths
0-1 doomscythe

What have your experiences been?

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Some quick Draigowing thoughts

Draigo 275
Coteaz 100

10 Paladins- 4 psy cannons, 3 hammers, 1 staff, 6 halberds, 5 master crafted weapons 675
5 Henchmen- psyback 70
5 Henchmen- psyback 70
5 Henchmen- psyback 70

10 Intercepters- 2 incineraters, psybolts, demon hammer 335

Dreadnaught- 2 twin linked auto cannons psybolts 135
Dreadnaught- 2 twin linked auto cannons psybolts 135
Dreadnaught- 2 twin linked auto cannons psybolts 135


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Adepticon Championships sold out!?

In under 24 hours the adepticn championship has sold out!  Hopefully they can put me on a waiting list so I can actually play.