Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Got my Tau!

So my tau finally came in, only 2 weeks late at that!  I can't really complain since it's a free army from 'Ard Boyz.

I would like to share with you all exactly what I got though,

3 Battleforces- a battle force includes 12 fire warriors, 12 kroot, 4 drones, 1 battlesuit, 3 stealth suits, and a devilfish.  Not so bad.
2 Hammerheads
1 Skyray... It's free so no complaints lol
15, I shit you not, 15 Piranahs!  I mean it is free but what the hell am I going to do with 15 piranahs!?

Usually when I win items like this at tournaments that I don't want I can sell it off to my local store for store credit, however they don't want anything to do with that many piranahs.  Any ideas on what I can do?  Aside from ebay that is...


  1. Looted Buggies, Blog Give-away, terrain, wreck markers for the ones you actually use, Basing material for MC's.

  2. GW just griefed you, I loves it.

    But in all seriousness, trade them on bartertown if you truly won't use them, or to friends/etc.

    Have fun building tau!

  3. I might buy some of those piranhas of ya. I would actually love to see any army with 15 piranhas running around. each unit would drop off ten gun drones for screening, and could be a dangerous meltagun squad...or not. who knows? those piranha boxed sets should have been battlesuits...

    I personally would save all the stuff in boxes until the new codex comes out and you know how to arm stuff for the next edition.

  4. Well, the sky ray has everything needed for another hammer head. and unless something changes with the next codex, you have about 24 too many fire warriors and 9 too many stealth suits. You could probably convert some fire warriors into path finders if you wanted.

    I'm interested in what you're doing with that many pirahnas. I only have two. ;D

  5. I hear there's a Bizzar Bazzar coming up...

  6. My vote for the piranhas: Play them. Bubble wrap from hell :)

  7. So you won Tau and they gave you 3 battle-suits lol...

    Somebody at Gw is A Pro Troll , giving you all those piranhas instead of suits.

    Farseer Dave.