Sunday, November 20, 2011

Back from the Bizarre!

Yesterday was the annual Bizarre Bazzar at my local store. It's basically a day which everyone can come in with all of their useless minis and gaming supplies and either trade ir for other people's or sell it for store credit. I brought in most of my tournament winnings along with all the random models that collected over the years.

I walked away with a nice sheet of foam, a new case, a skaven army worth around $800, some awesome demons, and $205 store credit. And, I ended up getting rid of 11 genestealers still on sprue, 3 unopened boxes of raveners, an unopened box of demonettes, 2 unopened boxes of dark eldar mandrakes, 9 of my piranahs, the sky ray, a hammerhead, and tau battle force.

I now have cleaned out a third of my gaming closet, and came up way postive on spendings.  I'd call it successful!

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  1. My LGS game store tried this, once. It decimated 40k sales for months, even with store credit deals. Kinda jealous your store will let you do that, while also hoping they aren't shooting themselves in the foot.