Friday, May 25, 2012

Demons for a tourney and fun facts!

Well here's the fun fact! I'm finished with high school as of today! Well that's not really true. I have 3 finals to take next week and then there is the actual graduation ceremony but I finished all of my classes! Exciting stuff there lol.

Now for what you guys actually care about, my demons! I've decided to whether the storm and bring my demons out to play at an 1850 point tournament at Showcase comics and games tomorrow. The real reason I'm doing this other then the fact that my demons are crazy fun and I've neglected them is that I'm seriously contemplating demons for the nova invitational! That's right I'm honestly thinking about bringing my demons to the nova invitational. It all depends how I stand up to the other grey knight players out there. Hopefully I'll get paired up with a few and actually manage to win so I can bring my demons with some confidence. If any of my games tomorrow are tactically noteworthy I'll even do a battle report.

So here's the slightly unorthadox demon list I'll be bringing.

fateweaver 333
The Masque 100

6 Bloodcrushers- icon musican fury 280
6 Bloodcrushers- icon musican fury 280
6 fiends- unholy might 190

5 Plaguebearers 75
5 Plaguebearers 75
5 Plaguebearers 75
5 Plaguebearers 75
5 Horrors- changeling bolt 100

Fast Attack
19 Seekers of Slaneesh 263


Friday, May 11, 2012

I'm running a 40k GT

There will be a 40k tournament this year at Dexcon, it will be the first year this convention is holding a 40k GT. Here is the link to the convention's website,

The GT will be a 2 day, 6 round 2000 point 40k tournament. It will be run as a Nova Open Prep event, and will be using the Nova Open format and scenarios. It will take place on July 7th and 8th, (4 rounds Saturday and 2 Sunday). Fully painted armies are required. (That means at least 3 colors) Standard force organization will be used and no imperial armor or forge world units will be allowed.

The tournament will use 5th edition rules of warhammer 40k regardless of the releases of warhammer 40k 6th edition.

There are 64 available spots for the tournament, and although it's the gt's first year we are expecting a full house.

As the event is part of the convention you will need to purchase a convention pass and input a specific code when you pay to let them know you plan on playing in the GT. As a tournament attendee you will have 2 options of payment. The first is purchasing a full convention pass at a $10.00 discount. The normal cost for the convention pass is $55.00, however if you enter the access code indicating you are playing in the 40k GT you will only have to pay $45.00. This will allow complete access to the convention from July 4th through July 8th. The second method of payment is purchasing a weekend pass which will also feature a $10.00 discount. The normal weekend pass costs $45.00, but if you enter the code indicating you are playing in the 40k GT then you will only have to pay $35.00. The weekend pass will give access to the whole convention from Friday at 8pm, July 6th through the remainder of the weekend.

If you plan on attending the GT, then be sure to input this code when buying your ticket: 40KGT151

As far as prize support goes there will be prizes for ren man (best overall) general (the single undefeated player) paint (best appearance) and sports. There will also be prizes for 2nd and 3rd in each category. We're looking to have $1000+ in prize support for the tournament in addition to trophies and plaques.

The convention is in Morristown New Jersey at the Morristown Hyatt and Confrence center in New Jersey.

I know it's not a lot of information right now, and I will try to get more information out for you in the near future. If you have any questions please feel free to PM me or email me at

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Quick little update!

So the opportunity for me to run my very own 40k GT has come. Now assuming costs are reasonable this is probably going to happen this July. More details on that once I know if it can actually happen or not. Mark your calender guys!

Aside from that I have an 1850 point RTT coming up at Showcase Comics and Games, and I have 2 thoughts about that so far. 1st I could run my demons, but that would require me to fix them up as a lot of them have broken. 2nd would be to run a draigowing style list.

Here are the pros for demons, it's demons! I haven't played them in a tournament (aside from a local RTT once) sincelast April! They need some love!

And the pros for grey knights is that if I bring the draigowing then I can test a list that if I like I can possibly bring to Nova. I would really like Draigowing to work but haven't really played with them at all.

Here is the Draigowing list I've been toying around with.

Draigo 275
Coteaz 100

10 Paladins: 635
1 PC Hammer
1 PC Halberd
1 PC Sword
1 PC Hammer Master Crafted
1 SB Banner
1 SB Warding Staff
1 SB Sword
1 SB Hammer
1 SB Halberd
1 SB Falchions

3 Acolytes Psyback 62
3 Acolytes Psyback- searchlights 63

10 Interceptors- 2 incinerators demon hammer 310

Psyflemen 135
Psyflemen 135
Psyflemen 135

1850 exactly, what do you think?