Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Quick little update!

So the opportunity for me to run my very own 40k GT has come. Now assuming costs are reasonable this is probably going to happen this July. More details on that once I know if it can actually happen or not. Mark your calender guys!

Aside from that I have an 1850 point RTT coming up at Showcase Comics and Games, and I have 2 thoughts about that so far. 1st I could run my demons, but that would require me to fix them up as a lot of them have broken. 2nd would be to run a draigowing style list.

Here are the pros for demons, it's demons! I haven't played them in a tournament (aside from a local RTT once) sincelast April! They need some love!

And the pros for grey knights is that if I bring the draigowing then I can test a list that if I like I can possibly bring to Nova. I would really like Draigowing to work but haven't really played with them at all.

Here is the Draigowing list I've been toying around with.

Draigo 275
Coteaz 100

10 Paladins: 635
1 PC Hammer
1 PC Halberd
1 PC Sword
1 PC Hammer Master Crafted
1 SB Banner
1 SB Warding Staff
1 SB Sword
1 SB Hammer
1 SB Halberd
1 SB Falchions

3 Acolytes Psyback 62
3 Acolytes Psyback- searchlights 63

10 Interceptors- 2 incinerators demon hammer 310

Psyflemen 135
Psyflemen 135
Psyflemen 135

1850 exactly, what do you think?


  1. Play the damn Daemons. We can be Daemon friends! I'm taking them to a local GT in a few weeks. Busy painting and converting up some new models :)

  2. maybe I did it wrong but I get 50 more points on that paladin squad.

  3. Looks like a solid list, nothing too crazy thrown in there.
    Make sure the GT is not the weekend of the ATC(July 14th/July 15th) And I will come ;)