Friday, May 25, 2012

Demons for a tourney and fun facts!

Well here's the fun fact! I'm finished with high school as of today! Well that's not really true. I have 3 finals to take next week and then there is the actual graduation ceremony but I finished all of my classes! Exciting stuff there lol.

Now for what you guys actually care about, my demons! I've decided to whether the storm and bring my demons out to play at an 1850 point tournament at Showcase comics and games tomorrow. The real reason I'm doing this other then the fact that my demons are crazy fun and I've neglected them is that I'm seriously contemplating demons for the nova invitational! That's right I'm honestly thinking about bringing my demons to the nova invitational. It all depends how I stand up to the other grey knight players out there. Hopefully I'll get paired up with a few and actually manage to win so I can bring my demons with some confidence. If any of my games tomorrow are tactically noteworthy I'll even do a battle report.

So here's the slightly unorthadox demon list I'll be bringing.

fateweaver 333
The Masque 100

6 Bloodcrushers- icon musican fury 280
6 Bloodcrushers- icon musican fury 280
6 fiends- unholy might 190

5 Plaguebearers 75
5 Plaguebearers 75
5 Plaguebearers 75
5 Plaguebearers 75
5 Horrors- changeling bolt 100

Fast Attack
19 Seekers of Slaneesh 263



  1. One moment please, I need to add truesilver armor to all of my grey knight vehicles, brb.

    Ill see you tomorrow sir!

    (and no, I won't actually buy truesilver)

  2. I always thought the Masque had potential with the right list. Her 3++ near Fateweaver will give an excellent chance of surviving two turns, which means 6 Pavanes.

    Hey, while Daemons are the topic, I was wondering if you had any insight about Bill Kim's Daemon list he used at Adepticon.
    I just can't figure how he initially did so well with that list.

    1. Did you already see Bill's comments?

    2. I hadn't seen those, thank you!

      The comments didn't tell me anything I couldn't see from the list though. All I could figure was that he's ballin' with his reserves, Deep Strike and run rolls, and got good match-ups on good tables. That is all too much for me to leave to chance. The list is heavily dependent on Fateweaver for its durability, and Fateweaver is very definition of fickle! Pink Horrors are damn unreliable on the offensive side. The idea that this list is for skilled players may be true, but that skilled player needs a great deal of luck, or at least needs to avoid bad luck, before anything else.

      The one positive impression was the large squad of 14 Bloodletters. A squad that big is just really fun!

  3. Oh, and Nick- Looking forward to reports! I recently realized I've accumulated more Daemons models than I had thought, and I'm looking at building Daemons after Necrons. Always good to read your stuff on them.