Friday, July 20, 2012

The brown paintbrush is back! and 6th ed happened

I know it's been like a month or 2 since I've posted anything, and i apologize for that. There's no realy excuse I have other then my own laziness... but just because I haven't been posting doesn't mean I havent been playing! I have around 13-15 games of 6th ed under my built, (including a local RTT win with tyranids!) and I would like to share a lot of my theories and list ideas on the game. Now I don't claim to be anythig close to a master of 6th yet (I'm not Stelek :P), on the contrary I'm actually having a lot of trouble really figuring out what makes the rules tick.

I have come up with a lot of different grey knight and demon lists that I really like. And after a bunch of test games with tyranids I honestly feel like they've gotten worse. I've given them an honest chance, but I feel like 6th is now a shooting game (I felt that 5th was dominated by close combat mind you) making everything even harder for the nids, to a point which they just can't compete.

Here's some of the things I've discovered thus far.

The number of *viable* builds in the game is at an all time high. That's very good for the game as it increases diversity, but it also incredibly difficult to build balanced lists now. I often find myself struggling to come up with an army that can handle the necron flier list of doom, have decent long range shooting/mobility, have some sort of combat potential, the ability to deal with deathstars and fearless blobs etc... Genereally speaking I am not happy with a list if it can't handle litterally everything in the game in some way. My grey knights could handle anything you could throw at me in 5th, which is why I was so successful, but now there are so many different ends to the spectrum it might not be possible to make a true all comers list,

Cover sucks. Unless you can make it better. *Cough* necrons/halrequins *Cough*

2 up saves can really pull some weight, not dting to a majority of power weapons really changes how you have to prepare for terminaters and the like.

Multi charging is garbage. Multi charging was how I won a majority of my games in 5th, be it deathcults charging 3 squads, purifiers charging multiple units and getting cleansing flame spam on all of them, ymgarls with FNP and T5 tying up a gunline or whatever, it's what I did. But nowadays it just doesn't work like that :(

Feel no pain is much better, I know it's only 5+, but I don't care. You get it from almost anything, it completely changes how you kill things like MC's with feel no pain.

Shooty tanks are better since being shaken is a rare feat and even then you can still shoot. But transporty tanks kind of suck. The new charging out of vehicle rules really kill you.

Fearless is also an absurdly good rule, same with and they shall know no fear. Just pretend like leadership isn't a thing against a majority of armies and you'll be happy.

Psychic powers are ridiculous. The end.

There are many more changes I've found but these are really just the major ones. I'm goign to start posting up a lt of lissts I've tried/ want to try with with 6th edition. The hard part is Nova is in a lottle more than a month and I really need to start working on an army for it.


  1. Curious if you have played the psyker heavy nid variants and what you think about those in general?

    Other than that, what you are saying here is matching my own perceptions at the moment, just in general.

  2. I played a 3 tervigon, swarmlord list. Swarmlord since I wanted to see how awesome the level 2 powers could be. While the level 2 powers are really good the odds of rolling them make them quite unreliable. I think 3 out of 4 games I didn't end up with one of them, and the game that I did I was playing tau so it was only so effective. Granted that they have the potential to be game winning.

    The Tervigons rolled on biomancy, which wasn't bad but Iron arm effects only the pyker, so if one tervigon had rolled iron arm and casted it the opponent would just shoot the others. The feel no pain/it will not die power is pretty good, but in general I'd rather just pay for catalyst and guarantee that I get it. It will not die is unreliable and not too impactful, and I don't care about relentless. Enfeeble is actually a really good power which in many cases was useful, but since tervigons are only master level 1 often times I would have to choose between casting it and casting feel no pain. The fact that the powers are randonmly generated makes them really difficult to get good use out of.

  3. I have not played sixth Ed yet, or any game with my Nids for about six months. Overall I am quite liking the look of the new edition.

    Random Psi Powers is anoying but I will try them out. Genestealers suck this edition too.