Thursday, June 30, 2011


Well as many of you know the nova invitational is 1750 not 2000.  My grey knight list at 2000 is crazy solid.  It has everything it needs, and it dones't really struggle with anything.  At 1750 however, I don't know what it is but I just can't seem to make it work.  My army has gone from stupid powerful to meh that's decent in just 250 points!  I understand that my army wont be as good at 1750 , but I honestly don't think this codex functions nearly aswell below 1850-2000.  I have to drop 2 units from my list to cut it to 1750 and it's just too much of a loss.  I've lost almost every test game I've played so far.

So with that in mind, I'm thinking demons!  But how would I do demons to comepete against the new array of msu venom spam dark eldar and the terrifying new grey knights? 

Well, fateweaver can help deal with the torrent fire power of dark eldar and grey knights.   But, then theres getting past hitting on 6's, warp quake, and dark excommunication.

Here's what I think is going to be my demon's best shot.

Fateweaver 333

6 Fiends 180
6 Fiends 180
6 Fiends 180

7 bloodletters- icon 137
7 bloodletters- icon 137
7 bloodletters 112
5 plaguebearers 75
5 plaguebearers 75

20 seekers 340

1749.  You think it stands a chance?


  1. A local tournament champion around our area uses the same list but with Skarbrand instead of Fateweaver. Skarbrand allows him to take advantage of the higher initiative carried by the principle units in the list (fiends and seekers) to kill more of the enemy before they can strike back. I have actually spoken with him about Fateweaver and his opinion is that Kairos really offers less protection when your units are in combat than you would get out of Skarbrand.
    You have some time, so maybe you should try it out. The local player is a dominant force in all of our tournaments and across most of michigan, so I take as a pretty valid recomendation. Good luck!

  2. Now you understand why I've struggled a bit with GK's: all of my test games have been at 1750.

    I don't like fatey in the list, he costs too much, he won't be able to hang around your fast moving elements, etc.

    Run the heralds in chariots instead like you did at SVDM

  3. I agree completely that Daemons seem off at any level below 1850.

    I'm so glad to see someone draw up a FateFiend list! The Fiends are going to explode out of Kairos' 6" bubble like no other unit can. They'll get themselves wrapped up in multi-assaults easily and Kairos can fly and run if you want to keep that bubble near the Fiends.

    I've personally run into a snag using the huge Seeker squad, just can't keep them alive long enough and they're not doing enough when they're alive. Soul Grinders are treating me well enough these days, so I think I'd rather have two of them.

    I've struck upon something that's been balls awesome for me, just a Herald on Juggernaut in a squad of 4 differently equipped Bloodcrushers. That squad can take a pounding! They'll soak up fire, letting the other Daemons survive long enough to pull off their assaults. I'm also taking Skulltaker on a Juggernaut, for the multi-wound beasts that roam around. Tonight, Skulltaker claimed Mephiston's head easily, chop!

    It's been so long since you've mentioned Daemons, can't you tell? "Nick Nick Nick, what about this this and that??" :D

  4. 1750 GKs play perfectly, I really don't understand the trouble :S I can fit 9 razorbacks & 3 dreads in 1750 with enough bodes & anti-tank/infantry. I think your not scaling it right :)