Tuesday, March 1, 2011

SVDM Round 1

Round 1

I found myself against a good friend of mine running vulkan marines. His list was something like
Master of the forge

3 dreads-
MM DCCW heavy flamer

2 10 man
tac squad in rhinos- a bunch of meltas and combi meltas
2 5 man
tac squads in rhinos- combi meltas

2 Speeders-

3 more dreads identical to elite dreads.

Same mission as before.

I won the roll for first but this time I gave it to him. Truth be told I should have taken it like I did previously against Andrew. But, I was out lateish Friday night, and me being the biggest light weight in the world was still a little hung over from the night before. I was in fine shape to play, but didn't give things as much thought as I should have. It did manage to possibly cost me the game in round 2 as you will see soon enough.

His Turn 1
He came in all castled up in the corner. Combat squaded the marines. Rhinos in front dreads in back. He popped smoke on his rhinos.

My Turn 1
Well I wanted my standard wave, 2 fiends 1 screamer, 1 charriot, 3 letters, 1 with icon, but I didn't get it. So I deepstruck everything fairly centrally, a squad of letters mishapped but went back into reserve and the horrors scattered 11" way too close and were pretty much doomed.

In hind sight I should have seep struck further back and waited for more fiends to arrive, and while the thought did cross my mind, I dismissed it as I wanted to play a good game rather than not.

His Turn 2
He moves around. Sets up fire pockets and slaughters my horrors. He pokes at the rest of my stuff and burns up a squad of bloodletters. He let 1 speeder move 12 into the middle of my army, commiting suicide.

My Turn 2
I get 1 charriot, 1 fiend squad, and a bloodletter squad, and 1 scremer squad. They all come off the icon which is about 10" from his front lines. I plan on having support next turn as my counter charge to his countercharge. Afet that I charge, my fiends hit 2 rhinos on the far right of the board. My bloodletters and screamers hit another 2 rhinos and a speeder on the left. This effectively bottled him into the corner. I immobilized 1 rhino with my fiends and shook vulkans rhino. I also exploded a rhino with the screamers immobilized and shook the speeder and wrecked the rhino with my letters.

His Tun 3
He drives vulkans rhino 12" forward into the heart of my army. He hits my fiends pretty hard with heavy flamers and kills 3, this pulled him out of charge range ith his dreads. He blocks his marines that combat squaded and weren't in transports and the marines that bailed out last turn with dreads. He shoots flamers and bolters and kills my screamers and some bloodletters.

My Turn 3
I get everything else but 1 bloodletter squad and 1 charriot. My fiends come off the icon again and add mroe pressure. I realize for
KP sake i need to go for his demeched marines. I have my fiends use their ridiculous maneuvrability to bypass his wall and multi charge his marines. While I don't kil any squad I kill a lot of marines accross a lot of squads and stay locked up. My bloodletters wreck some more rhinos. And my bolt converge and stop vulkans ride dead in its tracks.

His Turn 4
1 Dread moves up to tie up my charriot another kills my screamers. 1 dread charges 1 squad of fiends hoping to tie them up and another charges another. This should have worked despite rending, because 5 out of 6 models were in base with marines and only 1 fiend could swing on the dread. 3 Dreads move up and support vulkan but burning a squad of bloodletters and fiends and charging in and doing a number. Vulkan also charged a chiarriot but it stayed with 1 wound left.

In combat I put all my fiends attacks on the mariens again killing them all, (3 squads total) and then hitting and running away from the dreads.

My Turn 4
I used the hit and run move to reposition my fieds to a point where they could charge vulkan his combat squad and the dreads with the support of the bloodletters. I pull it off and kill that combat squad, vulkan and weapon destry a dread as well as keep all 3 engaged.

His Turn 5
He moves his dread and stuff around and fights combat. In combat he does a number on my bloodletters. After that I hit and run away again.

My Turn 5
I charged my fiends into his mariens killing most of them. And he finishes my bloodletters and charriot. My last reserves came in way back field.

The game ended here. He killed 3 bloodletter squads 2 charriots, 1 fiend squad and 3 screamer squads. So 9
KP's. I killed Vulkan, the master of the forge (who was with one of the combat squads the fiends wrecked), 4 rhinos, 6 combat squads, and 2 speeders. So, 14 KP's.

With that I got a 24 as I got all the bonus points and secondary and tertiary objectives. And sadly he got a 0. He was by far my favorite opponent from the tournament and played a great game. His army also looked great too.

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  1. Those fiends are the real deal !! Well done sir .