Wednesday, March 2, 2011

SVDM Round 2

Well the list I told you I was running is actually 1880, I was just to lazy to write t properly lol. I actually ran the same army except one charriot did not have breath of chaos. Sorry for the confusion but good to get that cleared early. I don't want to look like a cheater.

Moving onto round 2


Mission Spearhead 5 objectives. 1 ovjective in the center of each quarter and the center of the table. Also the secondary objective was VP's. As well as the tie breaker fot the primary objective.

His list

2 Guard
Tyrant- 2 devourers hive commander
1 Guard

5 Ymgarls
3 Hive Guard
3 Hive Guard

10 gaunts
3 units of 8 stealers with brood lords (I think 1 unit had 6)

I believe that was everything.

I won the roll for first and decided to give it to him. The correct choice this time.

He Deployed centrally with a squad of gants in cover on his objective. He deployed the ymgarls behind his lines. And infiltrated the stealers 1 squad in each other quarter to try and make deep striking hell.

His Turn 1
He moved his swarmlord and tyrant left and moved all his infiltrated stealers right. This gave me a spot to deppstrike but right in front of his deathstars. His tervigon poops out 9 gaunts.

My Turn 1
I want 1 charriot, 2 fiends, 2 bloodletters 1 with icon, 1 horror (since they mess with hive guard well), and 1 screamer squad. And I dont get it... I deep strike in the only place thats mishap safe which is right in front of his tyrant and swarmlord. I still manage to mis hap a unit of bloodletters which he places right in front of 1 of his stealer squads. I put my screamers in the far corners to try and force him to go after them early splitting up his army. If he ignored them they would boost late game to contest objectives.

His Turn 2
He moves his ymgarls out and charges a bloodletter squad, I positioned so that a normal charge would have him going through cover, but was unable to guarantee him going through cover. He positioned well in order to fall short on his charge and avoid cover. He had his hvie guard and tyrant shoot up my fiend killing 3. And his swarm lord chage a squad of bloodletters in cover. I put a wound on swarmy and a wound on a guard. I stayed in combat with 2 letters left. His tervie poops out 11 gaunts and no doubles and his stealers finish everything that I put on the other side of the board as a distraction.

My Turn 2
Well I'm in toruble. I get a charriot and the screamer squad. The charriot comes off an icon right next to some hive guard and the tyrant and guard. I move all my charrriots to the position of the charriot that deep struck and get some nasty breaths and a bunch of bolts off and kill off the hive guard and bring a full tyrant and guard unit to just 1 wound on the tyrant. My squad of 3 fiends charged the guard of his swarm lord who was still in base with some letters. They got 4 rends and only managed 2 wounds on the guard. The bloodletters in comebat with the ymgarls died but they took 3 ymgarls with them.

His Turn 3
He moved his genestealers closer to the fights. The tyrant anhilated and hive guard multi charged 2 charriots and got 1 down to 2 wounds and the other to 4. Swarmlord finished my fiends that charged him last turn. His tervie poops out like 7 gaunts but still no doubles.

My Turn 3
I get 1 more fiend squad and the horrors. The horrors show up in the corner away from everyone and blow away the ymgarls. My fiends come in the back field. My Bloodletters charge his hive guard and tyrant. I kill the tyrant and do 1 wound to the hive guard. The charriot flies around.

His Turn 4
He has time so he uses it. Instead of running his stealers ad gaunt farm over to deal with my units he fortifies his defences and camps on 3 objectives. A wise move. His tervie poops out 12 with no doubles.... Swarmlord decided to not spnd the rest of the game playing chase the horrors and turns around towards center field. His hive guard and my letters stay locked up.

My turn 4
My reserves show up! 2 more letter squads and the fiends come in. Everything come in out of charge range of his stealers. My Fiends go to town killing gaunts. My charriot moves to the gaunts in cover and breathes on them whiffing and killing 2 not causing a morale check.

His Turn 5
15 gaunts with no doubles! Why cant my tervigons do this!? He multi charges all my letters with gaunts and the swarmlord but loses all his gaunts and he loses combat by 2 and swarmlord take a wound. I did however lose most of my bloodletters. His gaunts run to within an inch of my charriot ready to charge, but I inform him that gaunts no longer have fleet. A truely fatal mistake. He plants his tervigon on the center objective and surrounds half of it with gaunts so I cant charge it with fiends.

My Turn 5
Horrors move to hold an objective. And my charriot moves to contest an objective. 1 squad of fiends charges into a squad of stealers and kills them to contest 1 of his objectives. And 1 squad of fiends charges the gaunts. The way he had it I could have actually multicharged into the tervigon also. If I had positioned it so that moving closest to closest meant that my first fiend would be 3 gautns away from the edge of his line I could have had the fiends leap from into a multi charge. This was pointed out to me after the game however. I only charged the gaunts and then contested the objective.

The game ended here. 3 objecitives contested 1 for me and 1 for him. The tie breaker for the primary was VP's and had me by 180. This gave him the primary. The secondary was also VP's so he got the secondary. With this he achieved a masacre despite us drawing the primary. Bonus points made it so that the game ended 22-1, for what is more or less a draw won on tie breakers.

Also if I had played smarter I could have possibly killed the tervigon between 2 fiends and the over kill wounds from combat res. That would have had me win on VP's, meaning the score would have been reversed. I felt pretty crappy about this loss, but there wasn't much I could do.

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  1. Take heart. At a LGS tournament the other week, my Daemons ran into Tyranids as well. I hadn't seen them in motion before, and apparently neither had my opponent running them. I won the Primary mission and I thought that would be enough. However, time constraints brought about entirely by my opponent's lack of general knowledge about 40k and his own army meant that he ended up scoring more points than I. Stupid bugs, stupid AdeptiCon mission scoring.