Sunday, March 6, 2011

SVDM Round 4

Round 4
Opponent Chaos

His list
Sorcerer- lash familliar warptime
Greater demon

2 units of 7 plauge marines- 2 meltas fist in rhino
14 Plauge marines on foot- 2 meltas fist
1 unit of regular marines with melta and champion
2 units of 14 lesser demons (plauge bearers!)

2 Obliteraters

Every squad had personal icon I believe

A very fluffly list (except for that sorcerer! But this looks like it should be an easy game so I try to have fun with it. And my opponent did say afterwards that he expected a loss, but it was much more enjoyable than he expected

Mission was 5 objectives Spearhead

I won the roll for first and gave it to him. He chose to deep strike the oblits. Sorcerer was with the small mrin squad and all rhinos were deployed 12" from the center with the large plauge unit in the corner on an objective in cover.

His Turn 1
He moved a little and smoked everything.

My Turn 1
I want 1 charriot 2 fiends 3 letters and 1 screamer and for the first time all tournament I got it! The letters came on a flank really threatening a rhino, the fiends cam in back but having everything in their ridiculous threat range, and the screamers came in the right threatening another rhino. The charriot scattered over his rhinos right in fron of his marines in the back.

His Turn 2
All he gets is one squad of lesser demons. The come off an icon and charge a squad of letters and kill them. His rhinos all drive 6 back and he lashes a squad of letters 6 inches back. The large plauge squad shoots and charges my charriot and kills him.

Moving back 6 is about the worst thing you can do against me. And I punish him for it.

My Turn 2
I get another fiend squad and a charriot. The charriot come in behind a rhino and wrecks it. The fiends come in on the side with the screamers for support. 1 squad of bloodletters moves up and charges the plauge squad that was forced to get out because of my charriot and kills 4 or 5. 1 squad of fiends charge his lesser demons and kills them. The other moves up close behind. The screamers multicharge 2 rhinos and wreck them both. He is now de meched.

His Turn 3
He gets his obliteraters who come off an icon and burn some bloodletters. His large plauge squad charges the bloodletters that charged a small plauge squad and kills them. His last plauge squad kills the screamers that blew up their ride.

My Turn 3
I get some more stuff which comes in and chills on objectives. 12 fiends slam into the large plauge squad and kill all but 3 and hit and run away from the rest of his army. The other fiend squad charged the squad of 7 plauges that killed the screamers and killed 4.

His Turn 4
He got his lesser demons in which charge the isolated fiends squad that was engaged and killed 4 of them. My fiends finished of those plauge marines. His 5 man marine squad and sorcerer charge a charriot.

My Turn 4
The end is hear. I have a bloodletter squad charge the oblits. Then I have a unit of 6 fiends multi charge, 1 model hits the oblits, 1 hits the unit of regular mrines, 1 hit the 3 man plauge squad, and 3 hit the lesser demons. Then 6 fiends his the lesser demons also. 1 enourmous combat later I had killed all the lesser demons, done 4 wounds to the oblits, killing them, and 1 wound on the plauge mariens. And had taken 3 on my charriot. He lost combat and his marines and sorcerer run away. And his 2 plauges die.

His Turn 5
Before they run off the board he summons a greater demon which replaces his champion. Then that unit falls off the table. The greater demon charges into some fiends which were in cover, I go first and kill it.

Game ends with me getting a masacre.

After 24, 1, 24, 24 I'm tied for fourth going into round 5. Let's do some work!

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