Saturday, March 5, 2011

SVDM round 3

Round 3
Space Marines!

His list

Master of the forge on bike

3 iron clads in drop pods

2 10 man tactical squads in drop pods

2 speeders multi melta heavy flamer

2 whirlwinds
1 regular dread multi melta heavy flamer

Mission was 5 objectives primary kill points secondary i think. And pitched battle deployment.

He won the roll for first and gave it to me. I took the side with more objectives.

He deployed a 10 man tactical squad with the master of the forge in a piece of area terrain. Then everything with drop pods was podding and the whirl winds speeders and regular dread were in reserves.

My Turn 1
Again I want my preffered wave 1 charriot, 2 fiends, 2 letters, 1 horror, and 1 screamer, and again I dont get it. I plop the fiends down right in front of his tactical squad with 2 squads of bloodletters close by for support. 1 bloodletter squad came in my back field and the screamers came in mid field. The charriots came in on the flank of my force to try and force the drop pods on the outside of my army as opposed to inside it. Everyone ran around.

His Turn 1
He brings in 3 iron clads. 1 comes in his deployment zone near my blooldetters. 1 comes in my deployment zone near the bloodletters in my back field. 1 come in the center near my screamers. They fire heavy flamerrs not doing too much damage. His tac squad moves up shoots pistols at my fiends and charge and wipe my fiends while I only take 2 marines with me...

My Turn 2
I get a squad of fiends which comes in off the icon in my back field and blocks my bloodletters from one of the iron clads. I think I get aother squad of letters which come up in my front lines for support. I move up the 2 squads of letters that were put up front to support the fiends. 1 unit charges and 1 unit rolls double ones and fails their charge/ I gold with 2 bloodletters. Meaning he killed 5 before I struck then I killed 4, lost by one and tied them up. My charriots flew around for rear shots at the dreads but missed. My screamers multi charged all the drop pods and 2 iron clads and killed all the drop pods and held up the iron clads.

His Turn 2
He gets both whirl winds, the empty pod, the regular dread and 1 speeder. The sppeder zooms up 12 and flames the squad of bloodletters that deep struck last turn and killed 4. The whilr winds come in touching each other and fire at my bloodletters in my back field killing like 2. The empty pod comes in the middle of nowhere contesting an objective. In combat his free iron clad charges my fiend blockaded and dies beore he swings. The screamer squad that was now just fighting a dread actually wrecked it. And the last screamer squad held up there dread. The bloodletters in combat killed 2 more marines and then died.

My turn 3
Most of my reserves come in and just chill in random places using their spped to relocate to where needed. Troops go on objectives. My screamers that are no unengaged fly 12 and wreck both whirlwinds that he left touching each other. And my fiends who are unengaged shoot upp accross the field and kill the speeder and regular dread. Another squad of letters charge the mariens and finish them. His iron clad finishes the screamers which were fighting it.

His turn 3
Vulkan comes in my backfield and rapid fires at my backfield squad of letters and kills them. The unengaged ironclad tries to get to my bloodletters but cant because his movement is blocked by my charriots. His speeder cam in and boosted.

My Turn 4
2 squads of fiends charge vulkan and his squad and after combat his squad is gone and I have lost a fiend. I move away from the ironclad with the letters. My last squad of screamers flies over and blows open the empty drop pod. And my 2 unengaged charriots shoot his sppeder and immobilize it, which means it's wrecked.

His Turn 4
He beat up my charriot and vulkan died to the fiends.

We called it here, as I was holding 4 objectives to his none and all he had left was an ironclad that would be fighting charriot all game until the fiends caught up to him.


  1. I'm surprised his flamers weren't more effective. Normally rerolls to wound makes them vicious in the extreme.

  2. I was too spread out for them to really mess me up.