Wednesday, March 16, 2011

1850 demons vs footdar

My list
2 Heralds of tzeentch in charriots- bolt, master
3 units of 6 fiends
5 units of 7 bloodletters- 2 have icons
2 units of 5 screamers
1 unit of 20 seekers

His List
10 Harlequins
5 Fire dragons in a wave serpant
2 units of 10 dire avengers with bladestorm
10 wraithguard and warlock
3 warwalker with scatter lasers
1 wraithlord- BL EML

We rolled for mission and got kill points pitched battle

I won the roll for first turn and gave it to him.  He chose to out flank his war walkers and reserve the wave serpant with dragon.  Everything else deployed in a castle in the center of his deploymentt zone.  Harlies in front, wraithguard behind them, dire avengers and eldrad behind them, and the avatar in the middle.  The wraithlord was in the very back.

His Turn 1
Litterally nothing...

My Turn 1
I came to the coonclusion that footdar had too much fire power for me to split my waves evenly like I usually do.  So I stacked my waves, I wanted 2 charriot, 3 fiends, bloodletters with the icon, and the seekers, and of course I  didn't get it.  Well I also realized that footdar don't have the range to threaten me if I drop far away, so I put down 4 units of bloodletters in the far back regions of the board.  And the screamers on the flanks, to intercept the warwalkers of they came in.


His Turn 2
He got the war walkers, then he blew all their fire power and the wraithlord at the screamers that are closest to he warwalkers.  After some great rolling by my opponent making me take 17 saves or something I counter with some phenominal dice and only lose 2 screamers.

My Turn 2
I get 1 charriot, 1 fiend squad, the last blooletter squad, and the seekers.  They all come off the icon which is in the middle of all 4 squad of bloodletters.  Except the bloodletters that came in deepstrike abouat 12 inches from his lines.  The everything moves full speed at him and runs at him.  I'm hoping to have overloaded him with threats.  The charriot shoots the warwalkers killing 1, and the screamers charge in killing another and tying them up.


His Turn 3
He guides both dire avenger squds and dooms my seekers.  His harlies move up ful speed straight at my seekers.  The wraithguard scooch up.  And his serpant came in the corner threatening the other screamer squad that's not doing anything.  He bladestorms his dire avengers and kills 2 bloodletter squads, and then he charges the harlies into the fiends and anhilates them, taking 1 wound back.  In combat he kills my last screamer with his war walker.

My Turn 3
I get aonther unit of fiends which comes in on a flank hoping to trap the eldar giving them no place to hide.  I have my other unit of fiends move up and charge the wraithguard, they kill 4 and take a wound back.  The charriot pops the war walker and the bloodletters all charge the harliquins and take no casualties and destroy them.  Then the move close to the wraithguard to support the fiends next turn.

4-2 eldar

His Turn 4
He's got 12 fiends and 21 bloodletters in his face, and no dire avengers shooting or harleuins to deal with it.  He dooms the fiend squad that just came in.  Then he mind wars them twice?  and kills 1 of them.  Umm...  His avatar charges into my fiends that are in combat with the wraithguard and kills 2.  Then I roll like a god and kill 6 more wraithguard leaving the warlock.  I hit and run away towards the dire avengers with the 3 remaining fiends.  The avatar moves 6" back into cover away from all my bloodletters, and the warlock rolls a 1 not going anywhere.  On the other side his fire dragons and wraithlord shoot my fiends and kill 2 more.  Then the dire avengers charged in and brought them down to 1 model, but they took 3 casualties.  He also hits and runs away.

My Turn 4
My last fiend squad comes in off the banner in place where they can support almost anywhere.  The loan fiend charges the dire avengers that had previously charged him, and ties them up killing ne more and taking 1 wound.  The 3 fiends charge the dire avengers in a way that eldrad can't get in base contact.  Then they kill 4 avengers and 1 fiend dies in return.  1 squad of bloodletters charges the warlock and kills him.  Then the other 2 units move up to support him. 

4-3 eldar

His Turn 5
He's in trouble, but turns are running thin for me.  He fortunes the avatar, and dooms the 1 fiend and the 2 fiends.  Then the fire dragons charge into the 1 fiend and kill him.  In combat the unit of 2 fiends takes no casualties and bring the dire avengers to 1 man then they hit and run away.  The avatar charges into the bloodletter squad that's furthest up, and kills all but 2.

My Turn 5
charriot comes in somewhere.  14 Bloodletters charge into the avatar.  He tries to kill the squad of 2 but fails and then despite forutne, takes 3 wounds from the 42 S5 Power weapon attacks coming his way.  The fiend unit that came in last turn multicharged the fire dragons and dire vengers, they killed all the dire avengers and the fire dragons fled.  On the other side the 2 fiends re charged eldrad and dire avenger, He killed 1 fiend and I was forced to pull the one in base with the avenger, so 1 fiend went on eldrad and did a wound!  He also had take a wound from perils a few turns ago. 

6-5 eldar

It had been predetermined before the game that we would play 6 turns and then roll for 7, since we were prepping for colonial and that's the system they're using.

Eldar Turn 6
the avatar dies in combat, and fails to bring the last 2 bloodletters with him.  I also kill the last dire avenger with my fiend, and he faails to kill my fiend.  He does fortune eldrad.  His wraithlord charges my large unit of fiends and dies before he gets to swing.

My Turn 6
Not much to do, the fiends charge eldrad and kill him.

The game ends there.  9-6 demons.


  1. Nice batrep man. grats on the game.

    I think what probably hurt him the most was jumping the gun on using bladestorm rather then back up and shooting you for multiple turns then bladestorming only when he has no more room to pull back.

    It really looks like that turn 4 where he had pretty much no shooting was just the key point in the turn to me. Also I think I would have walked the war walkers on but back close to the main squad outside of assault range to ensure they are going to get a turn or two of shooting. They needed to get their shots out.

  2. Completely agreed man. I actually told him both of those things after the game. He agreed with me for the most part. And I think if he had played the game a little tighter and really knew what to do in the given situation he could have easily won. As it was he only really lost on turn 6.

  3. Yeh. I am totally looking forward to seeing some of your batreps vs GK's new dex.

    They seem to be really strong against mech, and MC's primarily.

    but against things that run like marines.... likes fiends, and seekers they still have to hold on.

    And 2 wounds w/ fnp still goes down to a bolt if they fail that save.

    horrors maybe a thing in your army when they get more onto the scene.