Sunday, March 6, 2011

New daemons 1850

So after playing fatecrusher with some variations for about 6 months, and then recently trying out my random fiend bloodletter screamer spam I've come up with a hybrid. I was wondering what you guys think of it. I think it has potential, but as always I would like you comments and criticisms.

Fateweaver 333

6 Bloodcrushers- Icon, Musican, Champion 280
6 Bloodcrushers- Icon, Musican, Champion 280
6 Fiends 180

7 Bloodletters 112
7 Bloodletters 112
7 Bloodletters 112
5 Plaugebearers 75

5 Screamers 80
5 Screamers 80
12 Seekers 204


The waves balance out nicely and evenly, with some room for switching things up. The bloodletters add some combat support, as well as the seekers. It's very light on shooting as fateweaver in the only guy who shoots, but there's not much I can do about that. This should really help my bad match ups as it has the strengths of both my fiend rush and my fate crusher army. It struggles more against land raiders than I'd like, but hopefully I can find ways to deal with it. Dreadnaughts are still rough but the fiends screamers and fatweaver help mitigate that.

What do you think?


  1. Hmmmm I think at first glance it brings all the killy but none of the support from the other lists. Fast moving mech, skimmers, and Dreads are all going to be rough on this list. Plus Fateweaver is the only unit with shooting.

    I think some match ups would be frustrating. Your setting yourself up to mainly need 6's to kill all your problem units. plus you don't have a ton of redundancy

    I am all about testing on the table anyway to see how it goes.

  2. I've never been keen on more than 3 Screamers to a squad.

    I'm mulling over the Seekers vs another choice like a Daemon Prince with Wings and Iron Hide. The Seekers do put more wounds on the table for the same price, but it looks like you're trading some of the punch against high AV... but volumes of dice tend to do better than just a few. I see your logic here, but I would have to see it in motion before I can support it.

    I do have concerns that when you break up the squads into waves and you fail to get your first choice, that it could be disastrous. As a rule of thumb, I'd likely put one Bloodcrusher squad in each wave except in extreme circumstances. I find the crushers aren't fast enough to respond to problems.

    Anyhow, good for the hobby to see a Daemon list not topped off with 4 Chariots. :D

  3. Seekers are added to balance out the waves more. Most bad demon players would stack everything that matters in the preffered wave and hope to roll a 3+. That wont cut it at the GT level. I'm planning on spliting the waves as such:

    1 crusher
    1 fiend
    2 letter

    Not prefered
    1 crusher
    1 letter
    1 plauge
    1 seeker
    2 screamer

    Of course i can switch it up, and often I can see myself switing 1 letter squad into the secondary and bringing both screamer squads into the primary. It all depends.

    I used to run 2 crushers and one unit of fiends and the rest support. The bloodletters add even more support, and the seekers add speed to my second wave which is crucial to success.

    As far as giving up match ups to fast mech, I've played mech eldar twice in GT's and have won both games pretty handily. Since they can't kill you, but they can play keep away, the trick is to always stay 2 steps ahead of your opponent. Mech eldar have to play reactively not aggressively. As a demon player we can choose where they move when they move. We can anticipate their moves, and then punish them for them. For exampls I always box mech eldar into a corner with bloodcrushers then leave one crusher squad behind to countercharge tehm based on wherever they zoom off to. Also putting a crusher squad near an objective means he has to come near them to contest it.

    It's not an easy match up, and takes a real master of the strengths and weaknesses of eldar to pull off to win, but it can be done.

    Anyhing else can be easily caught, and what is easily caught is easily destroyed regardless of needing 6's. Dreadnaughts on the other hand worry me since they can tie up my crushers foreve. But that's just the issue with most demon builds.