Monday, February 28, 2011

Pre tournament game Vs Andrew Gonyo (target)

Friday night I got a game in with Andrew Gonyo, (target) in a match at open gaming. As much as it pains me to say this he is a great player who won conflict last month and won overall at this event as well. He's been invited to both Vegas and the nova invitational as I have and we had a great chill game.

The list I brought

3 Heralds of tzeenth in charriots- bolt breath gaze

3 units of 6 fiends

5 units of 7 bloodletters- 2 squads had icons
5 horrors- bolt changeling

3 units of 5 screamers

The list I would have liked to bring had another squad of bloodletters instead of the horrors, but I didn't feel like buying and building and paint another box of bloodletters.

His list from memory
- 4 meltas astropath

lol (he added this guy and demo charges to a unit to bring his GT winning 1750 IG
to 1850)

3 Vet Squads- 3 meltas each, 1 squad had demos, all in chimeras
- 4 meltas, al raheim
2 infantry squads with meltas

3 Vendettas

2 hydras (seperate squads)
1 manticore

Just a note! I had taken pictures of my first tournament game, but found it very distracting to my play as the games grew more close and intense and eventually forgot about taking pictures entirely. I do apologize.

We played the 1st mission of the tournament in our warm up game.


I win the roll for first and I think I took it, it's beneficial for me to take it in dawn of war. He opts to have his whole army come in turn 1 except for al raheim who will outflank.

My Turn 1
I want 2 fiend squads, 2 bloodletter squads 1 bloodletter squad with the icon 1 screamer squad and 1 herald and I get it! There is a large piece of area terrain in the center of the table and I deep struck 1 fiend squad on each side of it and the ran the both into it to get cover. The bloodletters came up in front of the fiends to tempt him to come on near them and heavy flamer them. I had the screamers deep strike back, planning to turbo boost them based on where I needed them most. I had 1 squad of bloodletters mishap and die as well as my herald mis hap and die. Not a great start but I'm in a good position.

His Turn 1
Everything rolls on. He realizes he has too many tanks and he need to boost his vendettas 24" up the flanks to kepp his parking lot from getting too full and to try and force me to turn around to catch them. The manticore and hydra come on in a corner with 2 vet squads and the
. The other hydra and vet squad come in the opposite corner. I think with all his shooting and night fight he killed a bloodletter and wounded a fiend.

My Turn 2
I got 2 more bloodletters and but again 1 squad mishapped and died.... The other landed safely in front of the 2 vet squads and
CCS. The horrors came in the corner as I knew it would be best to try and shoot the vendettas. A screamer squad also came in, in front of his main fire base threatening the hydra and manticore.. On to movement, my feinds each headed for their respective target corners, 1 headed for the hydra ad vet squad along with a squad of bloodletters the other headed towards the CCS and 2 vet squads with a squad of blood letters, the support of the bloodletters and screamers that deep struck in and the sceramers which boosted. Horrors missed with their bolt at the venddetta. My fiends and letters charge. In the left I wrecked the chimera and was prepared to be lit up by a vet sqyad and a hydra, but I knew that wouldnt be rnough to stop my fiend and bloodletters. On the right I multi charged 2 chimeras with the fiends and hit the CCS chimera with the bloodletters. I exploded the CCS
chimera and immobilized a vet chimera and shook the other.

His Turn 2
Al raheim comes on the right side since more stuff is going on over there. He deploys along the half way point of the board and and tries to get rid of my screamers but fails. Marbo comes in on the other side hoping to sway the battle over with the hydra and vet squad vs fiends and letters in his favor. I think he took out 2 fiends with his demon charge, and another one with the hydra and 1 more with the vet squad. Leaving me with 2. Back to the right, he uses a manticore on the buched up screamer squad the deep struck and removes them all with just 1 missile. His shooting is ineffective killing a fiend or 2 and reduce the bloodletters to 4.

My Turn 3
I get a charriot to show up off the icon in a place where it can bolt a vendetta and breath of chaos it and the chimera near by. Another charriot comes up in the middle of the table. And the last screamer squad shows up, in a position where they can charge the platoon chimeras next turn My 3rd fiend squad came in off the icon near my charriot just for insurance. My fiends re charge the 2 chimeras but whiff and only weapon thestroy and stun and shake them a lot. The bloodletters charge the
kill 3 or 4 and get hurt. My screamers fly over the chimeras screening his manticore and hydra from my fiends and charge them both. I wreck the hydra and stun the manticore. I bolt down a vendetta with the horrors. And, a squad of 7 bloodletters multicharge al raheims chimera and an infantry chimera and wreck both of them. The fiends on the left kill marbo and the blooldetters finish the Vets and hydra.

His Turn 3
He's in a lot of trouble. His birds fly around. His ;ast mobile chimera runs 12" but cant escape my screamers that came down last turn. And alll his infantry get out. He usues his stunned tanks to screen them and they kill my screamers that flew into the manticore and hydra. He kills a few more fiends with
cannons from the vendettas. And his infantry quad and al raheims squad shoot up my bloodletters.

My Turn 4
I charge my screamers into his chimera that ran away ad wrecked it. My last squad of bloodletters charge al raheim and
PCS and the infantry squd and rape them. My fiends that came in last turn jumped around and charged a vendetta and wrecked it. The fiends that were knocking on the chimeras doors finished them finally. And my bloodletters finished his CCS
in combat,

Hist Turn 4
He does what he can and shoots what he can not much. He is able to screen his last infantry squad from the fiends by hiding them between a combat and impassable terrain. The manticore shoots my bloodletter squad of 3 for the
but fails to kill it so he wastes his vendettas on it.

My Turn 5
I finish the manticore and position around.

His Turn 5
He shoots what he can, and finishes another squad for the

We call it here since we want to get some food.  The score was 14-10 in my favor I think.

A great fun game, he made some mistakes though, but he did pretty well considering my army has never lost to mech guard and it was his worst mission. And more impressively he hasnt played since the conflict
which was the second week of January.

I'll get to round one soon.

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