Sunday, February 13, 2011

Quick army update

2 weeks ago I had 8 fiends to buy/build/paint, 12 screamers to buy/build/ paint, 3 charriots to paint, and 30 bloodletters to paint, and 4 more fiends to paint.  This was all in preparation for SVDM which is now in less than 2 weeks.

Over the past 2 weeks I've painted 24 bloodletters, 6 screamers, and 3 charriots.  So, really just 6 more bloodletters, 4 fiends to paint, 8 fiends and 6 screamers which I still need to acquire...

I'm not too worried about getting it all painted in time now though the fiends could make it realy rough.  My real worry is no being able to get it all in time.


  1. oooo Sounds like your going to be cutting it close. =P Good luck Man!!!

  2. Thanks man! I guess if it doesn't get done I can run my standard fatecrusher, or even tyranids. But, I'd really like to see what this army can do.

    But, school has really been killing my time lately and almost every spare second I get I try to spend with my wonderful lady friend.