Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tyranids are retuning! To nova?

I'm acutally really tempted to bring my tyranids to Nova open just to see how it goes. The liklyhood of me winning the open with grey knights is actually there, especially since the army is started to look really good, but I'm not sure if it's worth it. I'm hving a lot of fun with my tyranids now, and I think I'm actually better with them now then I was. I want to try to get some test games in against guard, wolves, grey knights, blood angels and dark eldar and if they can hold their own against that I should feel good.

I played this 1500 point list yesterday against a friends eldar, and won handily, but only because it ended turn 5 and he misdeployed.

2 Tervigons- adrenals, toxin sacs, cluster spines, catalyst 195 ea.
2 units of 10 gaunts 50 ea.
2 units of 3 hive guard 150 ea.
2 trygons 200 ea.
5 ymgarl stealers 115

It worked farily well and I completely forgot to roll for my ymgarls all game and still managed to win so that made me feel good.

If I brought nids to the open it would be something like 4 Tervigons, 3 Trygons, 20 gaunts, 6 hive guard, 8 ymgarls. I think that's just under 2k.

What do you think?


  1. It would be nice to see another Tyranid player at NOVA =)