Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Replies to the grey knight list

Killswitch- The random dozers are actually fairly important. In a lot of my games I could fit most of my transports without being in terrain, however 1 or 2 would have to be in it, thus having those 2 tanks with dozers actually allows me to effecitively ignore that little hastle.

The strike squads make this list. The power of this list comes from it's redundancy of units capable of fighting in close combat, and from its fire power. I've tried henchmen instead of 2 of the strike squads, I either lose combat power or fire power. This army thrives on its duality, taking specialized squads goes agaisnt that. Purifiers should not be in razorbacks, believe me. I've trued it and it's just more effective to shoot out the hatch with psy cannons.

Black Blow Fly- I've also tried 10 man purifiers. I like keeping them in rhinos and giving them 2 psy cannons (to shoot out the hatch) and 2 incineraters for when the going gets tough.

One thing I'm considering is dropping the dozers and coteaz to get 2 ordo xenos inquistors with rad and psychotrok greandes. That way I can give 2 units ld 10 stubborn, and have some nasty grenades to push me over the edge in combat. I just miss the re roll to seize, the hammer, and sactuary.


  1. You also miss dark excommunication and another hammerhand. If you don't have a dedicated CC unit like dca then don't bother with Rad nades. Psyk nades are better in this way as despite being random they can beat a unit by themselves.

  2. I've been playing with coteaz some games and the thing I miss the most are the skulls. I've been struggling against guard so bad when going second and being given a crappy (almost no cover) dz. With skulls I could deploy, but without them I just get alpha-struck to death. Then the game is a long range one and I can't win that one. If I full reserve I come in on 5+ and can't really advance past midfield. How do you deal with that? Also, will you post the rest if the batreps? They ae really insightful.