Sunday, July 31, 2011

Catching up and nova talk with Hulksmash

So I've been pretty busy lately. I started seeing someone new so I've been very busy with that. I've also been studying (albeit not too much) for the SAT's so I haven't had too much time for gaming. I went to a baloon festival with my new lady friend yesterday and got home rather late, but I still managed to check the interwebs for the latest and greatest about warhammer. Apparently Hulksmash had PM'd me about what he's bringing to the open. We're both in agreement to bring our nastiest list for the invitational, but we're both at a loss for the open.

After some collaboration we're basically in agreement that we'll both bring nids, if we both agree to bring nids haha. If not he'll just bring his undefeated wolves, and I'll bring my next to undefeated grey knights and just win or somethig lame like that.

So based on the principle f I don't want to have to paint more gaunts and these are the models I have on hand here's what I'm thinking for the open with nids.

Swarmlord 280
Guard- lash whips 65

3 Hive Guard 150
3 Hive Guard 150
5 Ymgarls 115

Tervigon- adrenals, toxin sacs, catalyst, clusters 195
Tervigon- adrenals, toxin sacs, catalyst, clusters 195
10 gaunts 50
10 gaunts 50
5 genestealers 70
5 genestealers 70

Trygon 200
Trygon 200
Trygon- Adrenal Glands 210

It's going back to all my favorite things about the new tyranid book, and it's slightly less spammy. I think what i'm going to miss the most is not haaving 4 tervigons. On the bright side, I have less of an auto loss to jaws and mephiston. But dark eldar and guard got a lot harder.

What do yout think?


  1. Consider what Swarmy brings you: oa or fc on one unit per turn, and is a deathstar. I'd tweak accordingly. This is list I've tweaked a bit to that end:

    Swarmlord - 280
    2x Tyrant Guard w/LW - 130
    Parasite of Mortrex
    2x HG - 100
    2x HG - 100
    3x Zoan - 180
    11x Genestealers w/TS, Broodlord (w/scytals) - 235
    11x Genestealers, Broodlord - 200
    Tervigon w/TS, AG, Cat - 195
    10x Termagants - 50
    20x Gargoyles w/TS, AG - 160
    6x Raveners w/rending claws - 210

    With the bonuses to scoring troops in NOVA I'd consider dumping the ravs for another scoring terv or maybe warriors though.