Friday, July 1, 2011

Replies to the demon list

Since I can't comment, but I can create new topics for whatever reason here are my responces to your comments in the deomn thread.

Old School Terminater-  I've played around with skarbrand, but I have to say he is way too easy to kill with that price tag.  Maybe at ard boyz I'd include him and fateweaver, but I' probably not bringing him too ard boyz.  Sure, I'll kick more ass in combat, but not if he's dead and then I get shot to bits.  The thing with my list is that las cannons and such have tnothing to shoot at.  The only way to kill fateweaver is torrent of fire power, the only way to kill everything else is torrent of fire power, skarbrand gives those non torrent weapons a target.  Those 20 missils, or 30 dark lances now have something to shoot at as soon as  I put skarbrand in.

Andrew-  Yeah it's no wonder you're finding grey knights tough at 1750.  I am too, but I've actually chosen the opposite approach and cut all of my hencemen lol. 

Fatey doesn't need to hang around the fast elements after the first turn.  Really he's just there to make sure I get into combat.  If he gets shot the first turn and dies, or if he just can't keep up once I charge accross the field I don't mind because once I'm in combat I've won the game.

Heralds are just too unreliable for me, and they just aren't worth the points.

Benjamin- I don't mind if the fiends explode out of fateweavers range, because that means they lived long enough to explode out.  As far as grinders over fiends, I guess to each his own.  My mechanicon winning list ran 3 grinders and no seekers, but after trying the seekers I've found them to be my second wind.  They're really vital to my success.  It's like haveing another unit of fiends but gets better multi charges and grenades.

Crushers are still a great unit, but I just don't see them fairing well at the invitational.  Good players know how to beat crushers in both combat and mobility.  They also wont be distracted to shoot them since they are so slow and can only kill so much at once, and will much rather shoot the fiends.  My fiends typically kill 1000 points of the enemy, my crushers would be lucky to kill 600 back when I ran 2 units of 6 of them.  Skulltaker is really nice though I have to agree.


  1. I should say I have no doubts that you'll make your list work. You make units work that I can't, and against better players to boot.

    So with these 10 units, how does the list typically get split? I'm envisioning something like preferred wave of Fateweaver, x2 Fiends, Seekers and x1 Bloodletters with Icon. Fateweaver, because he's the lynchpin, the Fiends because they hit the hardest and the Seekers because that squad is huge and needs the room for Deep Striking. It seems like a very top-heavy division though, with the second wave being x1 Fiends and the rest being lean Troops choices.

    What I do picture for Fateweaver is after he protects the Fiends long enough to get them into assault, he can fly over to aid the Seekers. They'll be a nice complement to each other, each big investments, but no distinct target between the two.

    I've got a 2000 point tournament coming up in a few weeks, and I'm entertaining the idea of Skulltaker, a Herald and 4 Juggernauts all showing up together in one unit. (I still need the crutch of a 3+ armor save! :P ) That way I can squeeze in two units of Fiends, but have a unit in front of them in the Crushers big enough to provide a cover screen.

  2. @Yermom

    That's an interesting thought process; using Fateweaver as a bait or meat shield for the first round of shooting. Since the Fiends are so fast, they would be in assault range after one turn. The concept is better than Fateweaver + Crushers, because we don't expect Fateweaver live long enough, yet, buy you the 1 turn that you needed for the Fiends.

    However, let's talk about the list overall. So in general, people run 4 or more vehicles in 1750 pts. If you are going to rely on the Fiends as your anti tanks, good luck. On top of that, you don't have a real answer to land raider either even the land raider + deathstar is falling out of favorite. Let say we use your Fiends to punch tanks, if they have a good round of shooting at your Fiends, you aren't hitting them at full force. That being said, I'm still a fan of some range anti tank.

    I do agree with you as regarding the Skulltaker issue; it's cute, it's fluffy, and it's slow, so it have no place in your list.

    Good luck in NOVA, I am happy to see you taking Daemon and I hope you do well.

  3. It is good to see you are thinking about bringing Daemons to the invitational.

  4. Been thinking about Skarbrand a bit, since I really just want to use the model I have for him. I can't think of a single reason to ever put him in the preferred wave.