Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Grim GT Round 3

Round 3 I gound myself paired up against Sam. He's a great player and really knows his army. He also didn't bring a cookie cutter space wolves list so props to him.

His list was,

Wolf Priest
3 wolf guards- combi meltas power fists, Arjac
2 units of 9 grey hunters in rhinos with meltas MoW and banners
1 unit of 8 grey hunters in rhinos with a melta MoW and a banner
1 unit of 10 grey hunters in a land raider crusader with 2 meltas MoW and a banner
2 units of maxed out missile long fangs

So 40 angry space wolves in rhinos and a land raider. An awesome psyker a guy who throws a hammer and some missiles. Sounds fun!

The mission was spearhead table quaters I believe. 

This was my deployment.

This was his deployment.  He was hoping his and raider would save his rhinos.

My Turn 1
I moved up and started shooting.  4 psy cannon shots into his crsader and I immobilized it!  Then a bunch of auto cannons later and 2 of the rhinos exploded despite cover.  Some hesvy bolters went flying at the long fangs in back and killed a couple also.  Gret first turn!

His poor army!

His Turn 1
He started moving up.  He got one squad into the ruins in the top left for cover.  Then he disembarked the squad from the land raider and ran it at me.  He had to move one unit of long fangs to get into LOS.

Arjac and friends got scarily close to my lines.

My Turn 2
I advanced up some more.  I also got a purifier squad out to try to slow down Arjac and friends after I shot the crap out of them.  I blew up the last rhino.  Then shot Arjac's squad down to him, the wolf priest, and 3 dudes.  I also managed to cause a couple casualties on the squad advancing to the other side.

In combat Arjac and his buddies took a wound or 2.  Most noeable I demon hammered the wolf priest.   But, then Arjac ate my squad for breakfast.

His Turn 2
He pushed up with some grey hunters.  And played very aggresively with Arjac and his buddies.  He threw a hunder hammer at a razorback and exploded it.  Then he multicharged its contents and a chimera.  His unit took a few more casualties this time and we stayed in combat.

My Turn 3

I moved around and spread out with my vehicles. I also got another strike and purifier squad out to deal with Arjac for good. I shot up the squad advancing on my right, just down to a fuy or 2.

His Turn 3

Njal and his biddies got into a rhino and ran it straight at me and popped smoke. His shooting was barely effective at this points since I've been picking at the long fangs all game.

My Turn 4
Here's where got sneaky. I moved a strike squad and a purifier squad to within an inch of his rhino that got way too close. I was hoping to wreck or explode it in order to charge its contents, but instead with all my shooting I just shook it a lot and immobilized it.

I also peppered away his few remaining stragglers from his grey hunters. All he has left is Njal's squad in the rhino which I'm dealing with and like 5 others hiding out in some ruins.

I then charged in with my strikes and purifiers completely surrounding the rhino. Now look at it this way I'm auto hitting with 20 S5 attacks and 6 S10 hammer attacks. And, The regular guys explode it! So he can disembark, which he couldn't have if I just wrecked it. But, since a rhino is only 2.75 inches wide and 4 inches long he could only fit 1 line of 3 guys in the crater while being an inch away.

His Turn 4
Well now Sam knows the end is here, Njal and his squad charge in and... I force weapon Njal and cut open his other few guys.

My Turn 4
I'm just cleaning up now I charge into the grey hunters in the builing and wipe that squad of 5. And I just start blowing up long fangs ad getting objectives.

I don't remember the end result since it was more than 2 weeks ago now, but I won this game pretty handily. By the end of it all he had left was his raider.

Nonetheless is was a good game and Sam was a very fun opponent who made the game chalenging. A couple lucky rolls turn 1 made the game.

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