Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Grey Knights Vs Jawaballs Round 3

Sorry this is so late.  As you may have noticed, aside from yesterday I haven't really been able to do much for the blog sue to school finishing up and finals.  But here's what I got for you.

His list from memory,


HQ Chaplain
5 Lightning claw termies
All in a land raider crusader with extra armor.

3 units of 5 assualt marines in 3 regular land raiders with extra armor

I think that was it.

Going into round 3 he was 2 battle points behind me and my perfect score.  The mission was objectives, with the objectives being pre placed in the center of each quarter and table center.  The deployment was pitched battle.  The table had a lot of ruins on it, with windows.  There was a big ruin in the middle, and 1 in 1 of my corners, and 1 in the one opposite the one in mine.  There were a lot of hills that were just slightly smaller than a rhino in random places across the table.

I won the roll for first and gave it to him, as I wanted last say on objectives.  It turned out that this would be a mistake and I should have just taken first, drove 12" popped smoke, and blitzed him.  Ahh well, I'm still learning and hindsight is 20 20.

He deployed with 2 land raiders on one side,  the crusader behind the building in the center, with mephiston just behind, and another raider on the opposite side.

I think for a minute about deployment, and decide to stack everything up across from 2 of his regular raiders. I put the dreads in front, since they weren't likely to do anything this game.  I used a hill to cover my flank from the raider on the opposite side.  The reason I deployed like this was because I knew as I advanced I could use the building for cover from the one raider, while only surrendering 1 objective to it (as opposed to 2 had I deployed on the other side of my deployment zone.

I opted not to seize although that too was a mistake.  I even rolled hypothetically and seized thanks to the reroll!

His Turn 1
His crusader moves from behind the building into range mephiston follows.  Everything else stays still and fires.  His shooting proved effective, he immobilized 2 dreads in front of my army, forcing me to make dangerous terrain checks to advance, and tore both arms off the another.  He also stunned a razorback but I fortituded that away.

My Turn 1
The Rhinos move 6" forward and unload psy cannons.  He makes some cover saves and I get a pen through but only roll a 2.  His damn extra armor saves him!  I moved my brick up, using 2 razorbacks to smoke and provide cover for the 2 razorbacks and 2 chimeras behind them.  I use the weaponless dread to give cover from the side to my chimeras.  Doing all of this also blocks LOS to my rhinos with purifiers in the back except for 1 raider.

His Turn 2
He thinks about his turn, and decides he needs to be patient to win.  He pulls back 6 with everything.  He also moves the 1 raider in the middle of nowhere up 6" off an objective to get better LOS.  His shooting wrecks a rhino with purifiers who get out.  His shooting doesn't actually manage to get through the smoke except for some shakes and stuns which get fortified and 1 wrecked razorback.

My Turn 2
I control the table, now I need to push.  I consider driving a chimera alone, 12" through a building, getting out, and melting a land raider, but I decided against it as it's too dicey.  Instead, I just pushed my brick forward 6".   I blocked my flanks, and left space on all sides for my guys to get out without worry.  The squad whose transport is wrecked advanced for some psy cannon shots.  My purifiers don't move and fire upon the crusader.  The squad that lost its transport stood still and unloaded 8 shots without cover, they rolled well and exploded it!  That's game changing.  I just forced Jawa's hand.   Another squad that didn't move shot the land raider that moved off an objective and immobilized it.  Another huge victory, as a lot of the strength of his list comes from having to rip land raiders off of objectives.

His Turn 3
He pushes the termies forward and mephiston flies out.  He fleets and charges the squad of strikes on foot, klling all of them.  His shooting manages to wreck one razorback, and of course the guys get out in the back on the opposite side of the termies.  His termies have nothing good to charge so they go for a poor immobilized razorback, (immobilized from this turn's shooting) and explode it.

My Turn 3
Well I still have the upper hand, but I don't know how I'm going to deal with the termie star and mephiston in the same turn.  Then genius struck me and my weaponless dread charged into the termies.  They stayed locked up for litterally the rest of the game.  400 points just taken out of the battle like that.  2 strike squads charged mephiston and 1 of them wounded hi with a hammer and force weaponed him.  (That's why you take them kids)

His Turn 4
He knows the end is inevitable, he moves back with his 2 unmolested raiders and shoots causing some damage.

My Turn 4
I have a loan strike sergeant get into a razorback and fly 12" back to claim an objective.  My chimeras push towards his raiders and claim an objective.  He also doesn't want to get near my meltas.  I suppress his immobilized raider with my purifiers.  I even manage to explode one of his raiders with a hammer thanks to hammer hand.  TAKE HAMMERS!

His Turn 5
He does what he can and shoots and charges where favorable.

My Turn 5
I push for quarters, and fortify my objectives.  I counter charge where I can and wipe a lot of marines.

Here the game ends, but he wants to play turn 6 to see what happens.  Really it's me just mopping up the rest.

It was a fun game and well played.  But a few key dice rolls went my way instead of his, and he didn't have a good answer for my 6 troops in a 5 objective game.


  1. Seeing as how most games are lost in deployment, good on you for rallying uphill. Awesome call tying up his LC Termies with the Dread.

    What's really interesting is that a 4 Land Raider list was 2nd after two matches. I thought people were supposed to blow them up all the time? :D

  2. Yah man, great game. I want a rematch! You nailed the batrep spot on. :)

    As for the 4 raider list, the current tournament meta has gone away from Meltaguns in favor of Auto Cannons. This makes raiders incredibly survivable! Except against GKs of course. :)