Sunday, May 15, 2011

Quite a problem?

Next Saturday my local store will be having a warmachine/hordes tournament.  It will be the first one I'm actually able to participate in this year due to previous commitments.  (They hold these events monthly) I'd love to bring out my skorne to see what's up and kick some butt, and although I frankly suck at warmachine it would still be a load of fun.  Also being home means I get to spend more time with my girlfriend.

Now on the other hand I could drive up to New York for about 2 hours to play in a GT put on by battle for salvation.  They are a great group of guys who I really like and I'd love to catch up with them.  Alex Fennel, Danny Internets, and Jawaballs are just a few attendees.  It's 2k points with no paint requirement so it's a great chance to practice my grey knights.

I'm fairly distraught, any advice?


  1. Coin toss, seriously. Those options are just about equal.

  2. If you'd have fun at both, do the local one imo.

    It's a pretty equal deal, but not having to drive for 4 total hours in a day (it's a one day thing this one correct?) would tip the scales for me.

  3. The 4 hour drive is really the only thing keeping me away from it. I think it's going to come down to whether or not my friend Tom gets his ticket in time or not. But yeah it's only one day.