Monday, May 16, 2011

I know most of you probably don't play warmachine/hordes, but I do!  And although my blog focuses on 40k primarily, I think we can all agree I need to spread the love.

Here's a skorne list I came up with based off some reearch I've done.

P Morghul (+7)
Basilisk Krea 4
Cyclops Brute 5
Cyclops Shaman 5
Razorworm 4
Rhinodon 7
Gladiater 8
Bronzeback 10
Molik Karn 11

Min Paingivers 2
Swamp Gobbers 1

50 exactly.  What do you think?


  1. I think it looks like 50pts Sir. I have no clue about effectiveness as I have never played warmachine/hordes.

    However if I did play Hordes I would have to play whatever army allows me to field that Demon Prince/Illidan dual blade wielding model of awesome.

    Because that model is just sweet.


  2. Heh that would be legion. My girlfriend plays those. They don't like to follow the rules lol

  3. Tell your GF that I said she is awesome for playing Legion. Even though I don't play hordes.



  4. If only that model was larger I would definitely have those for Demon princes in a CSM army.