Saturday, May 14, 2011

Round 2

My opponent was my friend Luke, who I play with fairly regularly.

His list was as follows:

Duke Sliscus
Lady Malys

4 trueborn- 4 blasters
Venom- 2 shuriken cannons
4 trueborn- 4 blasters
Venom- 2 shuriken cannons

3 units of 5 warriors- blasters
3 venoms- 2 shuriken cannons
2 units of 8 wychs- haywires leader with power weapon
2 raiders

Beast Pack- 15 khymeras 4 razorwings 5 beast masters

Razorwing- 4 missle things

The mission was modified capture and control.  3 objectives, 1 in each deployment zone, 1 in the center.  Deployment was DoW.  I won the roll for first and took it, because I wanted the first strike without night fight.  And, just because I had the option, I put out the razorback with the searchlight and the strike squad in center field. He opted to deploy nothing and bring eveyrthing on turn 1.

He then seized the initiative.  Then he seized the initiative again!  I thought coteaz was supposed to be insurance against that!  Grr...

His Turn 1
He flew on, and unloaded approximately 14 dark lances into my razorback, but somehow he only managed to stun it!

My Turn 1
The strike squad inside got out and walked towards the trueborn that had unloaded.  The razorback moved closer to the warp beasts and search lighted them.  My army came in completely centrally, Rhinos in front sideways popping smoke.Razors and chimeras behind.  Dreads behind that.  Everything unloaded into the beasts and killed all but 1 beast master and 5 or 6 chimeras.  The strike squad from the razorback charged the trueborn and wiped them.

His Turn 2
His retaliation wasn't too bad... at first.  He moved up and gained ground.  He did away with my strike squad and razorback as expected.  He forgot to shoot his razorwing and after he ended his turm he was like oh crap.  I being far too nice let him shoot it and it managed to explode a rhino with the lances and immobilze another rhino with the scatters from the missles...

My Turn 2
I moved up a little and shot what I could.  With my plethora of mid strength shooting I managed to shake a raider, weapon destroy a raider, take both weapons off a venom, wreck a venom, and stun a ravager.  I got a squad out and moved up tp try and bait the beasts.  Big problem is I was barely 12" onto the table and my mobility was shot.

His Turn 3
He moved up with ervything.  The beasts charged a razorback a rhino and my purifiers that I moved up on a flank.  And his wych squads both unloaded to charge a rhino a razorback and coteaz' chimera.  His shooting didn't do much aside from weapon destroy a razorback or 2.  In combat 1 purifier survived since he put as few models as possible on that squad.  And the wychs only accomplished immobilizing coteaz' chimera and causing massive stuns and shakes.

My Turn 3
I put a dread in combat with all the beasts to keep them tied up.  2 purifier squads moved to multi charge the wychs.  They both suceeded but only 1 got its cleansing flame off.  I killed abouut 12 wychs over the combat and he killed about 4 of my purifiers, but somehow both squads managed to stay.  What shooting I had didn't really accomplish anything aside from immobilizing a ravager...

His Turn 4
Time is running short so we decide to call the game after this turn.  He leaves a warrior squad in a raider behind a lot of cover in his deployment zone on his objective.  He boosts his other warrior venom onto the center objective.  Then he boosts like 5 other skimmers around it to make it almost impossible to contest the objective.  On the bright side he didn't shoot much...

My Turn 4
I immobilize a razorback on difficult terrain terrain, he was my chance of getting behind his skimmer wall to disembark, run and contest his objective.  I secure my objective with 3 melta guys.  I shot a dread at the venom in his backfield on the objective and wrecked it.  Then 2 multi lasers and a strike squad ashot the unit which disembarked.  They managed 2 wounds on the squad because he went to ground, and later he passed his ld test.  I moved a unit of strikle out of the razorback and got as close as possible to his objective while following the 1" rule.  (About 8" away).  I shot everything at the venom in their way (6 meltas, a heavy bolter, a dread, and a strike squad) and stunned ut a lot.  Well all I could do was charge.  I spent about 3 solid minutes deciding which models I wanted to move where, and in what sequence.  Eventually I made the right decision and barely got to contest the objective. 

In the end we drew the primary, (objectives) drew the secondary, (kill all enemy troops) and we both got both bonus points.  It was a straight draw all the way down the line, and a fantastic game.

That put me in a 3 way tie for second at 31 battle points each.

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