Monday, May 23, 2011

Round 2

For those who don't remember, or who haven't read yet, my list can be found in my post for round 1 (the post below this).

Round 2 I found myself paired against Fritz, a very good general known for winning with bad armies.  His bad army for the day, tyranids!  Now I too play tyranids and know the army inside and out, which reallly just puts me an even more of an advantage, and  given the match, pretty much guarantees the win.

I went into this game really confident, but without showing it. 

His list
3 Tervigons- adrenals sacs catalyst (1 as HQ)
3 Trygons- adrenals
2 units of 10 gaunts
1 unit of 10 stealers
1 unit of 10 ymgarls
3 hive guard
3 venomthropes

The mission was Table quarter and spearhead.  A minor win was control more table quarters than your opponent, a masacre was control all 4.  You held a quarter by having the most VP's in it.

He won the roll for first and took it.

He deployed trygons in front, tervies behind them, venomthropes and hiveguard in back.  1 unit of gaunts formed a screen and 1 sat in the back.  His stealers out flanked and lied dorment.

I had a building and a pice of area terrain in my deployment zone, with not much space in between,so I resolved to move as little as possible early on to not risk my mobility end game.  I deployed in a straight wall, 1 chimera on each side, 3 purifier rhinos in frint (sideways), 4 razors behind (I made sure to leave enough room to be able to fully pivot everything) and 2 dreads on the upper levels of the building and another on a flank.

I failed to seize twice!

His turn 1
He casted catalyst on all the trygons and ran them as far forward as possible.  His tervigons pushed up behind them and the hive guard and venoms did as well.  He ran everything between 4-6".  2 trygons and 3 tervigons were being covered by the venomthropes.

My Turn 1
I shuffled a little bit.  But I positioned it in such a way that it was impossible for the ymgarls to completely surroud a transport (to kill its contents.  I shot the multi lasers, heavy bolters and dreads at the hive guard and killed 2... I shot the purifiers at the trygon without cover and between 24 psycannons shots he suffered 5 wounds.

His Turn 2
He moved all his stuff up then realized he wanted to spawn guants, so I being for too nice let him redo his turn and spawn gaunts.  No reserves came in!  The loan hive guard popped open a purifier rhino, they got out in front.  After rolling a 6 for difficult terrrain and a 6 for fleet a trygon got assualt range on them (he needed a 4 as I was in terrain) Another trygon rolled well for fleet and got a charge off against a rhino and wrecked it.  About 20 gaunts (11 were spawned and 10 started) ran up to support the trygon against my purifiers.  Coteaz got sactuary off and nobody took a wound from dangerous terrain, but all of the gaunts and the trygon failed their charges!  Man that was lucky, but it makes up for his crazy run rolls.

My turn 2
This was my chance to relly make him hurt.  I got out a purifier squad and prepared a multicharge witrh both squad.  I wanted to get the 20 gaunts and the unmolested trygon.  I then kept my positioning to protect the ymgarls.  I moved a melta chimera up into range also.  A random heavy bolter got the trygon with 1 wound left.  3 meltas shot the tervigon that spawned and 2 psycannons on heavy and the 3 dreads did also finishing him off.  The multicharge was successful, 2 cleansing flames later (since the tervigon died the sergants were able to be positioned so that they were out of range for shadow in the warp) the gaunts all died.  The trygon managed 4 wounds on a purifier squad, and after hammer hits and fearless wounds, it died.

His Turn 3
He's in trouble now!  His outflanking squad of stealers came in and charged a dread (although they lost 4 on the way in due to sactuary).  The dread and 6 stealers stayed locked until turn 5 so I wont mention them again unitl then.  The 2 tervigons that were left moved up with a trygon and unloaded roughly 28 gaunts into me (1 spawned out).  They all struck last due to sactuary and my cleansing flames went off despite shadows.  Tons of gaunts died and were killed via fearless saves.  The trygon cahrged a rhino and wrecked it.  The loan hiveguard who I let live killed a dread.

My Turn 3
I got out 2 strike squads and unloaded 3 meltas into the trygon.  Then he was force weaponed away, this time he took a whole squad with him though.  I melta'd and heavy boltered a tervigon to 1 wound.  2 remaining purifiers from a squad charged him hoping to finish him but failed.  The dread blew away the last hive guard. 

His Turn 4
The ymgarls get out and multicharge a strike squad and 2 razors.  The razors were fine, and the strikes held after gettinglucky and killing 4.  The venomthropes charged my 2 purifiers but only killed one.  I still failed to kill the wounded tervigon.  His one tervigon spawned another 12 gaunts or so, which just shot some strikes. 

My Turn 4
I got a striek squad out and charged them into the ymgarls and finished them with some hammerhand.  I got another strike squad out and coteaz and the meltas he was with.  I moved my razors and dreadforward to shoot his gaunts in his backfield and forced a leadership test which they failed.  They were below 50% so they ran off the table.  The meltas shot the tervigon and did 2 wounds.  The strikes multicharged the venomtrhopes (which were engaged with the purifier fighting the tervigon) and the gaunts that were previously spawned.  I put the hammer in base with the venoms.  Then coteaz charged the 4 wound tervigon and used the meltas to multicharge the guants as well.  1 big combat later, the 1 purifier died, so did a few strikes.  The gaunts died due to tervigons dying and wounds caused.  Both tervigons died.  And, the venomthropes died.  The stealers managed to blow up the dread in combat and consolidated.

His Turn 5
The stealers charged coteaz and his meltas, and killed a melta guy.  Then coteaz brought the hammer down and killed 2 stealers.  Bringing them to just 1, since the dread killed a few over time.

My Turn 5
I push into all 4 quarters, grab the objectives and finish the last stealer.

All in all a really fun game and Fritz is a great guy.  He knew what he was in store for and he took it like a man. 

Moving onto round 3 I was the only one with a perfect score, and my oppoent was Jawaballs who was just 1 point behind me.

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  1. Nidz are totally boned versus GK. The Nid codex is one of the worst ever released by GW.