Sunday, April 3, 2011

Grey knights... or should I say monkeys vs space marines 1850

Well just for fun I played this army yesterday,

4 units of 7 jokaero and 2 crusaders
1 units of 8 jokaero and 2 crusaders
1 units of 8 jokaero and 4 crusaders )coteaz went here)

1850 exacly. 

My buddy uses this space marine army,

Libby- Null zone avenger
2 untis of 5 TH SS termies
2 Land Raider Redeemers
2 10 man tac squads- melta missle both in rhinos
2 units of 2 attack bikes
2 vindicaters

1850 exacttly.

The mission was pitched battle capture and control.  We each had to place 1 onjective in our deployment zones, I placed mine in the very corner of the board, he placed his in the middle in some LOS blocking area terrain.

He won the roll for first and deployed everything.  He combat squaded the marines, and atuck the 2 halves with missles in the area terrain with his objective,  Then he put everything else in a line (rhinos and bikes behind the land raiders out of LOS) ready to ru right at me and kill me.

I deployed with my units kind of spaced out.  Coteaz and his squad were sitting on my objective, every squad was litterally on the back table edge of the board, except for 1 squad that was moved all the way up to the 12" mark accross his objective (furthest from his land raiders and vindicaters).

I failed to seize the initiative twice, even with coteaz.

His Turn 1
He drove 12 inches up with everything, and smoked.  The bikes and rhinos stayed out of LOS.  His tactical squads with missles had no LOS so they moved up.

My Turn 1
No movement.  The unit that was at the 12" ark fired at the redeemer closest to it and shook it.  Next unit shot it and failed to do anything.  Another unit shot it and wrecked it.  phew...  1 unit shot a vindicater and shook it.  Another units shot the other vindicater and wrecked it. The final unit shot his lsat land raider and wrecked it!  (I'll admit that last oone was lucky)

His Turn 2
He walks 10 termies up and runs them, he aldo moves 1 units of bikes behind them.  The other unit of biks boosts in front of coteaz's squaf.  The shaken vinidcater moves up.  The rhinos also move 12 and smoke.  He fires into the squad that's at teh 12" mark and kills a monkey or 2 and a crusader.

My Turn 2
The squad at the 12" mark actually moves, and gets really close to his termies.  They flamer them with mass heavy flamers, after 26 hits or so about 19 wounded and 3 terminaters died.  Then 2 squads of shooting later and he terminaters were no more.  Another squad shot the bikes that were behind them who now have no cover and killed them.  Coteaz detached himself from his squad and charged the attack bikes.  He killed both of them with them with his demon hammer.  1 squad shot at the vinidcater, wrecking it, and the final squad shot the other termie group and killed 3 I think.

His Turn 3
He moves his remaining termies up and charges coteaz and kills him.  1 Rhino moves up to threated my squad on the objective.  the other moves up and the squad gets out and rapid fires at 1 squad of monkeys.  I lose 2 I think and pass my leadership test. 

My Turn 3 
I move up the unit on my objective and flamer his terminaters.  I put 15 wounds on the unit so 5 saves for the libby and 10 for the 2 termies.  1 termie and the libby bite it.  Another squad shot las cannons at the termies and wiped them.  1 Squad moved up to flamer the squad that got out of the rhino.  26 wounds later the combat squad was no more.  And 7 heavy flamer hits on the rhino later it's immobilized and weaponless.  The squad at the 12" mark moved up and ran and kept trying to make it to his objective.  my 2 remaining squads shot his combat squads in cover and killed 3 in each squad.  Both squads failed their leaerships and ran 6" away.

His Turn 4
His squads auto rallied and hid behind the rock.  The squad in the rhino got out and rapid fired my monkey unit and did nothing since I had 4 crusaders in there.  Their rhino parked itself on the objective.

My Turn 4
I blow up that rhino with 1 squad and flamer the marines with the other.  My other units move up and try to gett to hsi objective.

His Turn 5
He hides!

My Turn 5
I move and run but it's not enough I'm not even contesting! 

We roll to see if it ends and it goes on!

His Turn 6
He rapid fires at my closest squad and kills a few, but I pass my leadership.

Turn 6
I move up and contest and then flamer his squads away.

The game ends there.  I didn't lose a squad and he was tabled.  Maybe it's actually a good army, or maybe it was just monkey magic.


  1. "Maybe it's actually a good army, or maybe it was just monkey magic."

    Is there a difference? ;)

    I can definitely see where luck played a huge role for the monkeys, but luck is the result of opportunity. It's a silly concept for an army, but their flexibility is no joke.

  2. They will take over the Planets!

    I approve of this batrep.