Thursday, April 28, 2011

Colonial GT round 4

Round 4 I found myself all the way on table 7!  Oh no!  My opponent had a beautifully painted tyranid army.  His list was fairly straight forward.

Tervigon- catalyst 175

3 hive Guard
3 hive Guard
3 Zoanthropes

10 gaunts
Tervigon- Catalyst

5 shrikes- LW BS toxin sacs

3 Trygons- adrendals

It was a scary list for my army, but the lack of genestealers were nice.

The mission was capture and control spearhead.  I placed my objective in the middle of my quarter he put his in the corner and protected it with gaunts.

I won the roll for first and gave it to him

He deloyed all through his deployment zone with the shrikes and 2 trygons on 1 flank, another trygon on the other, and the shooty elements and tervigons in the center.  The gaunts were in the back holding his objective.

His Turn 1
He moved up and spawned up a gaunt wall.

My Turn 1
I wanted my seekers 1 fiends, 2 bloodletters, and 2 charriots, however I did not get it.  The fiend and bloodletters came in the middle about 16" away from his lines.  The Screamers came in the back waiting to contest late game if necessary.

His Turn 2
Well he moved up and left his gaunts only protecting his hiveguard zoanthropes and tervigons.  2 of his trygons moved up full speed and tried to fleet (the one on one side, and one of the two on the other.  The lone trygon charged some bloodletters and masacred them.  The other failed his charge on some bloodletters by a fraction of an inch.  He masacred the 1 unit of letters he charged.  His shooting was relatively effective killing 3 fiends from 1 unit and 1 from another.

My Turn 2
I got my other squad of fiends, 1 bloodletter squad and my charriots.  The charriots came off an icon and shot the trygon that had just killed the bloodletters.  I think I caused 2 wounds.  The fiends came in the center to support either side, as did the bloodletters.  I had one unit of bloodletters move up 2 inches because of difficult terrain.  Mind you they were about 4 inches from their charge target, the lone trygon, when this turn started.  My unit of 3 fiends moved up and out of cover.  And everything else moved up.  On one side my bloodletters who were now 2 inches from the trygon rolled snake eyes for their charge and failed.  The fiends made their charge on that trygon and did a wound or 2 and stayed in combat.

On the other side of the board I had 2 units of bloodletters and a unit of fiends multi charge 2 trygons and the shrikes.  The distance between the trygons was about 4" and that's where the shrikes were.  So the way I positioned it only 1 fiend and 1 bloodletter were striking at I 1.  I then put 6 bloodletters on 1 trygon, 7 on the other along with 1 fiend, 3 fiends at I 5 on the shrikes, and 1 bloodletter and 1 fiend on the shrikes at I 1.  Well almost everything of mine went first and I did 5 wounds to 1 trygon, and 4 to another.  Then killed 2 shrikes with the fiends.  (That's 15 wounds total)  He swung back killing 4 bloodletters and 2 bloodletters from the trygons and 2 fiends from the shrikes.  I swung back with  my 2 I 1 guys and did 3 more wounds to the shrikes.  18 wounds from me, 10 wounds from him.  He loses by 8 and both trygons and the shrikes die.

670 poimts dead from one combat.

His Turn 3
He makes gaunts and charges at me, killing my bloodletters on the front lines, and shoots my fiends that were envolved in the multi assualt to 1 wound.  His trygon finishes off my other fiend unit and consolidates 6" back from my bloodletters.

My Turn 3
Bloodletters show up and claim my objective in the backfield.  Still no seekers...  My fiends that came down last turn went after the last trygon and killed it.  The bloodletter unit that came down last turn and the lone fiend multi charged 2 gaunt squads and killed them both.

His Turn 4
He spawns gaunts and taps out with both of them.  One tervigon makes 8 or so who go and screen the gaunts that are holding his objective.  The other charges forward and kills all my bloodletters and lone fiend The hiveguard and zoanthropes shoot my fiend squad that killed the trygon and kill 2.

My Turn 4
Seekers come down dead center.  Fiends run up and charge the hive guard zoanthropes and gaunts.  We do a few wounds to each other but overall we stand.  Also my charriots that have been plinking away at a tervigon since last turn finally kill it.

His Turn 5
He fortifies his objective some more and we stay locked in combat.

My Turn 5
My seekers get involved and kill all 6 hive guard, the zoanthropes and gaunts.

His Turn 6
He tries to shoot my seekers and kills 3 I think.

My Turn 6
I maneuvre my way around his screen, multicharge all his gauints and tervigon, and table him.  This is what I should have done in my round 2 at SVDM to win the game.  I had my first seeker charge the closest model, the second charge a model 2" away another charge a model 2" away and so on, until I reached teh end of the unit; at that point I could wrap around the first unit to hit the second.

I picked up a 35/35 which I needed to pull something out overall.

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