Sunday, April 10, 2011

Back from the Colonial

Well I'm back, and took demons for their last run for a long time.  I pulled 5th best overall, and tied for 2nd best general, and I walked away with a razorback/rhino and strike squad for my new grey knight army.  I went 4-1, and all my games were blow outs one way or another.  Nothing really close at all, but that's the nature my demons.  I tabled 4 people and got tabled by Dameon Green, who won 1st overall. 

Brief battle reports to follow.  I would write real ones, but none of my games really had much tactical insight past third turn, not to do injustice to any of my opponents, but that's how my demons play.  So I'll summarily explain what went down.


  1. Did you end up playing the list you posted on March 16th?

  2. Tabled 4 people at a GT with Demons is very impressive. I'm excited to read the bat rep.