Monday, April 18, 2011

Colonial GT Round 2!

I played Tony Spino and his pure khorne for round 2!  He is the guy who runs mechanicon and let me just say right off the bat this guy knows how to play!

Anyway my list was,

Herald of Tzeentch- Charriot bolt master 100
Herald of Tzeentch- Charriot bolt master 100

6 Fiends 180
6 Fiends 180
6 Fiends 180

7 bloodletters- icon 137
7 bloodletters- icon 137
7 bloodletter 112
7 bloodletter 112
7 bloodletter 112

5 screamers 80
5 screamers 80
20 seekers 340

1850 exactly.
His list was,

Demon Prince of khorne

5 possesed in thino

3 units of 8 berzerkers- power fists (2 of them had rhinos)
2 units of 8 lesser demons

Land Raider

I apologize if I missed anything but I'm pretty sure that was it.

The mission was table quarters primary.  You held a quarter by having more victory points in it than your opponent.  Deployment was spearhead.

He won the roll for first but took it?  Fairly big mistake but it didn't  make a difference in the emd.

He deployed with everything pretty much huddled up around the center, with the 2 berzerker rhinos on 1 flank, the possesed and prince on the other, and land raider and dread in the center. 

His Turn 1
He drove up 12 in all sorts of directions and popped smoke!

My Turn 1
I asked for my seekers, my screamers, 1 unit of fiends, and 2 units of letters (1 with icon) and did not get it!  So dow came 2 units of fiends, 3 units of bloodletters and 2 charriots.  1 cahrriot came down behind his army to try and force him to split his forces.  It took a rear shot at his dreadnaught and killed it.  Good start!  1 unit of fiends came in the right, with a unit of bloodletters next to it in the center.  Behind them was the other unit of fiends, and the their left were the other 2 units of bloodletters.  The other charriot came down on the far flanks and took a shot at the possesed rhino but missed.

His Turn 2
The berzerkers from the 2 rhinos got out and walked u and charged my 2 bloodletter squads on the left.  Needless to say both bloodletter squads vanished.  The prince turned around and charged the charriot in his backfield, but they stayed.  The possesed drove up to the charriot that shot them.  The land raider moved up 12" and unloaded berzerkers and kharn into my fiends.  After the dust settled he had lost 4 berzerkers and I had 2 fiends left!

My Turn 2
I got my seekers my fiends 1 unit of bloodletters and a unit of screamers.  The screamers cam off the icon which was on the only bloodletter squad left, in the center. The fiends and letters also came off that icon.  The seekers cme on the flank with the demons prince and 2 berzerker squads.  My bloodletters that were previously on the table moved out of the forest they were in and charged the khorne berzerkers with kharn.  After that round I had lost my fiends but he was dead.  The fiends that were behind them charged a berzerker squad and killed 6 of them, taking few casualties.  I managed to position it so that he would not be able to countercharge them with the other berzerker squad on his turn.  My charriot finlly died to the prince.

His Turn 3
He got a unit of lesser demons which came off the the berzerkers fighting my fiends.  The possesed gout out of their rhino and the prince flew to the center where all teh action was taking place.  He them multicharged 12 fiends and 7 bloodletters, with 5 possesed a demon prince and 8 lesser demons.  (he also had the remaing 2 berzerkers)  I slaughtered almost all of it and then made what wasnt killed (the possesed) flee. 

It was about here where Tony realized I had the game.

My Turn 3
My seekers charged into his 2 berzerker rhinos and squad of berzerkers and killed a rhino and all the berzerkers.  The screamers managed to kill the land raider. 

His Turn 4
His lesser demons came in but the icons were all dead and so were destroyed.  His 2 remaining rhinos drove 12" away. 

My Turn 4
I  moved chased after them, and made sure I got all my bonuses.

His Turn 5
Drive 12.

My Turn 5
Catch him but fai to kil a rhino

His Turn 6
Drive away

My Turn 6
Finally caught the bastard!

And thus ends round 2 with me having 70/70 battle points going into round 3.  Only 3 other people have perfect scores so I'm already in top 4!


  1. Random curiosity, do you remember what his Possessed rolled for a special ability?

  2. Yeah they got furious charged, which actually worried me because if they got the charge off they would go before my boodletters. Not that it mattered in the end.