Saturday, April 16, 2011

Colonial bat reps! Finally! (round one complete)

Sorry for the delays guys!  I know real life isn't supposed to get in the way of wargaming, but cut me some slack!

But, first I must say it was really nice to be able to attend a GT from my house, with only a 30 minute commute.  I even let my two friends from Massachusettes stay a my house for it.

So, the army I brought was my demons.  I figured they wwould be fun for a last time kind of thing now that grey knights are out.

My list was as follows.

Herald of Tzeentch- Charriot bolt master 100
Herald of Tzeentch- Charriot bolt master 100

6 Fiends 180
6 Fiends 180
6 Fiends 180

7 bloodletters- icon 137
7 bloodletters- icon 137
7 bloodletter 112
7 bloodletter 112
7 bloodletter 112

5 screamers 80
5 screamers 80
20 seekers 340

1850 exactly.

Round 1 I got to play my friend Ted Nagel.  He's been attending GT's for years longer than I have, and is a solid player, but he plays for the hobby.  He brought is fantstic looking deathwing army.

His list from memory
Belial- TH SS
2 regular dreads- AC DCCW
2 deathwing squads on foot-  4 storm bolter powerfists 1 cyclone stormbolter powerfist
2 deathwing squads- 3 LC's 1 TH SS 1 heavy flamer powerfist (in the land raiders)
1 Regular Land Raider
1 Land Raider Crusader

It was objectives as the primary (don't remember the secondary or tertiary).  There were 5 objectives scattered throughout the table.  Deployment was pitched battle.

I won the roll fro first and gave it to him graciously.  He deployed with the 2 land raiders on one flank, and the termies in the center with the dreads on the other flank

His turn 1
He schootched around a little.

My Turn 1
I want 2 squads of fiends, 3 squad of bloodletters (1 with icon) and 2 squads of screamers, and I get it!  The fiends come on the far flank, pretty much next to his dreads.  The bloodletters come in accross from his termies and run to support the flanks.  The screamers come down on the right flank with the 2 land riaders, and are supported by boodletters.

Ted's Turn 2
Ted scoots his land raiders back 6" and unloads at my screamers killing 4 from the unit that can still charge him.  He moves his dreads back away from the fiends and shoots assualt cannons killing some bloodletters.  He moves his termies to the side with teh dreads to support them.

My Turn 2
I get ll my reserves except 1 charriot.  the seekers come off my icon on the flank with the dreads and stuff.  The letters come in teh center to help close the distance between us.  And the fiends come on the right flanks on the other side of his land raiders.  Charriot was in the center.  My fiends multi charged,  Each unit hit 1 dread and 1 termie squad.  1 fiend squad had the support of a squad of bloodletters also.  The fiend squad without support killed a termies or 2 and lsot combat.  The fiend squad with bloodletter support killed the termie squad but stayed in combat.  My loan screamer charged his crusader, hit it, penned it, and stunned it.

A note of importance, because my bloodletters were more than 6" away from the dread when I charged they could not reach base on the consolidation, so they were disengaged.

Ted's Turn 3
Moved his land raiders back 6 and killed all but one screamer. He realized this game is lost, and he just needs to keep his raiders alive.  In combat I lose combat with the fiends again abd hit and run away with the 2 remaining fiends.  My fiends with the dreadnaught knocked off an arm and immobilised it and hit and run away, 

My Turn 3
My fiends on the right moved up and charged a land riader and glanced it a lot.  I shook it and immobilized it!  My bloodletters moved up to make getting out a frightful idea.  And both of my fiend units (8 fiends) recharged the 3 termies and fully functional dread and wiped them.  My seekers charged the immobilized dread and glanced it to death.

His Turn 4
He moves his land riader 12" away.  Then his immobilized raider gets beat up by my fiends on his turn and loses a weapon or something.

My Turn 4
I charged the 8 fiends into the raider that moved 12" and moved up with bloodletters to support.  They managed to weapon destroy him him once and stun him.  The fiends on the other land raider wrecked it with glancing hits!

Ted's Turn 5
His termies get out from the wrecked raider charged my fiends and I killed 3 before they struck  The land raider he had that was stunned got beat p on his turn and lost 2 guns and was immobilized.

My Turn 5
I make sure to do everything I need to to get all the bonuses and stuff.  I finish off his termies and wreck his land raider with glancing hits.

His Turn 6
He charges and kills my 2 man fiend squad. 

My Turn 6
I slam 14 bloodletters and 12 fiends into his termies and belial and they go poof.

Great game.  It was my second favorite of the weekend.  And he took it like a man and laughed he whole way through!


  1. On your older post talking about ork hoard, tyranid and 2 land raiders lists may give you some troubles. As soon as I saw Ted's name, there goes the 2 raiders. All those glancing gives the feel of Necron. As more and more, the 3x6 fiends list is doing so well; juggernauts are falling behind.

    BBF posted a Khorn topic on BOLS recently, and it really brings back memory (Khorn have been his thing since way back, it's nice to see him talk about it again). How do you feel about juggernaut spam in today's competitive environment?

  2. Fiends and Bloodcrushers are both good, it's just a matter of what you want. Fiends are offensively superior, Bloodcrushers defensively so. That said, a Fiend costs 30 points and a Bloodcrusher 40. Simple math, really.

  3. That pretty much summed it up, thanks Benjamin. My army is designed to overthreat you and simply kill you that's why I run the fiends.

    However, I think more demon armies will start running crushers since we need survivability to defeat the newe grey kngihts.

  4. Fiends have an easier time of multi-assualting with a 12" charge, there's that too.

    I'm of the opinion that mono-Tzeentch is the best shot at cracking GK. I run Bloodcrushers because I like them, but I don't want any part of assaulting GKs.