Saturday, January 8, 2011

2k competitive nids idea

So after taking a long hard look at the tyranid book I looked at some of the strengths it had.  And that is is can spam strength 6 shooting like crazy.  It's got a simillar playstyle to ond tyranid book,but perhaps now it can do it better, with never ending gaunts screens and hive guard.  Anyways here's the list idea

Tyrant- 2 twin linked devourers 200
1 Tyrant Guard 60

3 Hive Guard 150
3 Hive Guard 150
3 Hive Guard 150

10 Gaunts 50
10 Gaunts 50
Tervigon- adrenals, toxin sacs, catalyst 195
Tervigon- adrenals, toxin sacs, catalyst 195
5 Genestealers 70
5 Genestealers 70

15 Gargoyles 90

Carnifex- 2 twin linked devourers 190
Carnifex- 2 twin linked devourers 190
Carnifex- 2 twin linked devourers 190

2000 exactly
48 twin linked S 6 shots a turn, 18 S 8 shots a turn, gargoyles and hive guard can give the mosters a cover save.  Stealers outflank and cause backfield havoc.  And tervigons and gaunts create gaunts screens/harassment.  Seems very solid to me.  What do you think?


  1. Looks like gargoyles are suddenly becoming a staple for Nidz. Personally I think the points could be better spent elsewhere like wings for the Tyrant


  2. Wings encourage the tyrant to be forward, not supporting the rest of the army. They also encourage him to be in CC when, he is already shooty. Gargoyles give all my monsters cover saves, which is huge against a lot of armies. And if I'm playing someone without AP weaponry, they can be a forward element to restrict movement, much like the tau use piranahs.

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  4. Gargoyles can actually smoke even terminator units because of their blinding Venom and if you put a flying hive tyrant with them that has old adversary they can cause a lot of wounds.

    All those auto 6's to wound when rolling to hit and then rerolling failed hits.

    Give the gargoyles Adrenal glands and TS they reroll failed wounds on MEQ. It's a huge rate of wounds.

    I take my Tyrants with LW + BS and 1 TL Devourer w/ Brainleeched worms.

    I would drop 2-3 fex and put in atleast 1 Tfex so you can atleast have 1 model that can drop Str 10 shots. Because any armor 14 just will tankshock or run around without issue as it can generally kite a fex or walking tyrant since none of them are fleet.

    one of my methods is with my Gargoyles is to Move forwards and have the tyrant stay with them but from behind for cover. Drop peroxysm on the unit they are going to assault and shoot the shit out of it to begin breaking them down. Then use him to just provide buffs for the rest of your squads near by. I run Gaunts near as they can generally keep up with flying units and give them TS. all you have to have is one model within 6" of the tyrant and you have preferred enemy on all of the attacks at Init 5.

    now that is if you are taking them in your list. there are many uses for a flyrant and gargoyles.

    I am considering tweaking my list that I run right now that is similar to either WhiteDevils list and incorperating maybe some Gargoyles and Shrikes.

    Using a Flyrant and old adversary. Fast moving hard hitting.

    Spacing out Shrikes enough you may only lose a couple to a blast template but if you put them behind garoyles then they are screened and then you can drop FNP on them. LW + Bs that flies. I am going to test it out and see what I find.


  5. Honestly on this list I would suggest dropping the tyrant Guard, dropping 1 Tl Dev on the hive tyrant, and adding Wings.

    With this you send him up with the Gargoyles, now you don't always have to assault with him. Have him provide buffers aswell as with flying he can get up there to support the genestealers that tend to move faster and when they come on the table. You can drop Paroxysm and shoot into the targets and well if you start getting targeted just leech the wounds back.
    When I do this I play Forward support while my Tervigons are moving up supporting everything else.

    Str 6 isn't going to pop a raider and Hive guard can only glance so your only option is to get into melee with it and that is what the tyrant with wings can do. Fex just get kited.

    ***LOL on a side note my Word verification is "troll"***