Wednesday, January 26, 2011

importance of psychic defence?

So lately I've been thinking the need for psyker defence has greatly increased.  I mean if you think about it, you wont find a vanilla army without a librarian, or blood angel list with a libby or even mephiston.  Most wolf armies run a rune priest, and guard allies for psychic hoods.  Even in my eldar list I'm forgoing a second autarch for a farseer just to get runes of warding.

Is having the ability to have psyker defence really that important?  I mean armies have been successful without it, such as Stelek's space wolves or my demons, but many competitive players deem it necessary.

So how important is psychic defence in competitive 40k?


  1. It depends on your army. Some need it more then others. My MSU Black Templars don't need it as much as say standard Dual LRC army with Assault Terminators.

    One can afford to let the enemy "control" the psychic "phase" while the other can not.


  2. N.B. of course for Black Templars there is no real option for psychic defense... the Dual LRC list wants Accept Any Challenge while MSU are happy with Abhor the Witch.

    Imperial Guard are probably a better example.

  3. I think its more of the chance to mess up the flow of the other persons turn, or the usefulness of a unit/points sink for the low cost of one unit in your army. Making the ability not as reliable is just one more thing for them to consider when making tactic choices during the game.