Sunday, January 23, 2011

Footdar 2k! Because I can...

Well I just think it would be really funny if someone brought footdar to the nova invitational.  Let alone if they won with it. 

Eldrad 210
Avatar 155

10 Harlequins- 10 kisses shadowseer 250

10 Wraithguard- warlock spiritseer enhance singing speer 399
10 Guardians- bright lance 110
10 Dire Avengers- exarch blade storm 147
3 Jetbikes- shuriken cannon 76
5 Rangers 95

8 Warp Spiders- Exarch withdraw 223

3 Warwalkers- scatter lasers 180
Wraithlord- bright lance missle launcher 155

2000 on the nose.  I think it would be pretty awesome to win the most competitive tournament of the year with this.  How about you?


  1. I think footdar can be a good list in concept. But I think it needs readjustment. Things like Wraithlords just don't hold up anymore with the sheer amount of high strength AP2-3 weapons that are out there right now.

    Not sure how I'd build one but good luck if you actually start trying to run it :)

  2. I completely agree honestly. I just didn't know what to replace the wraithlord with. Maybe some of those heavy weapon teams.

  3. Honestly it's just not my style. My footdar would probably include 2-3 Guardian squads, a smaller Harlie squad, probably no Wraithguard (just don't like them much), 2 Warpspider units and I don't know whatelse really. I'll have to toy with it.

    Instead of the WL maybe another squad of war walkers?

  4. Eldar need a new codex. Footdar wins mostly because it is seldom seen. Eldradavatar has been around for a long long time. It's nothing new at all. The army is very tactical and I understand why people enjoy playing it but it's been played out.


  5. Agreed. It's had itss time to shine in 4th ed and the begining of 5th. But its just one of those things, people say its bad, so I'm inclined to try it.

  6. Footdar would be nice.. however guardians need to have more then 12" range on their Sc's. Went from being the best to terrible on range for their guns over the years. They should have 24" assault 1 on their guns. Like marine bolter (i think, don't have marine guns memorized yet) but assault not rapid fire.

  7. Mairnes do have 24". But, the guardians aren't their to actually kill anything. The bright lance threatens tanks which is cool, but really they are just a screen.