Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Past accomplishments and reasons you should listen to me!

Well what better way to start off my new blog other then some bragging?

Anyway, here's what I got.

The Necronomicon, a big GT in Florida in which I got second overall with tyranids (4th ed book).  Later that year I played at Mechanicon which is another GT in Pennsylvania.  I managed to pull second best general with the exact same list that I used at the Necro. 

To start off 2010 I went to the St. Valentines Day Masacre, which is another GT held in Pennsylvania, and with the new 5th ed tyranid codex got third best general.  After coming to the realization that tyranids are a second tier army I wandered over to demons (I know the epitomy of competiive) and brought them to the Nova open.  I did not do as well as I would have liked, going 3-1 day one, barely making day 2.  And, on day 2 I lost the first round, however I still managed to pull 8th.  That was the worst showing I've ever had at a GT. 

Shortly after I took the demons for another spin at Battle for Salvation, a GT in New York.  It was run simillarly to how Nova will be run this year, in that the top 24 from day 1 were placed into three brackets. each consisting of eight players.  Having also gone 3-1 day one again, I was placed in the silver bracket, and won all of silver.  So in a way earning me second place. 

Also this year I revisited mechanicon and won best general.  All because I forgot my display board and to turn in my quiz (which was a free 10 points).  I lost 1st overall by 4 points, so I was kind of mad at myself but eh, I did get invited to the Nova invitational which is sweet.

So there you have it.  Hopefully this coming year will be even better!


  1. Damn I almost had first.


  2. Awesome. Welcome to the sphere man. I had a nice long commment on your Daemons army at YTTH but it got lost in the aether. So let me just say I like it. I really, really like it. I would love to face something like this though I know it would stomp my footslogging Loganwing into the f-ing dirt. Talk about a hard counter, lol.

    I will be at Conquest Seattle this month, and hopefully will see you at the NOVA in 2011.

  3. Hey Purgatus! I've seen you a lot over on YTTH, a=glad to see you here. I'm sure I'll see you at some point this year and hopefully we can grab a game.