Sunday, January 30, 2011

Second Weekly Battle Repor, Demons Vs Blood Angels 1850

Played my friend Tom again with his blood angels.  He's much better with his blood angels than his guard.  His list isn't bad,  but it has a good number of bad match ups.

Anyway my list

3 Charriots of tzeentch- bolt, master of sorcery 300
3 unirs of 6 Fiends 540
4 units of 7 Bloodletters 448
2 units of 7 Bloodletters- icon 274
3 units of 6 Screamers 288

His list from memory was:

1 Priest
Libby Dread- wings, shield
3 5 man assualt squads with meltas and lightning claws
3 las plas razorbacks
1 5 man assualt squad- flamer lightning claw
Land raider Redeemer
5 Assualt termies- 3 THSS 2 LC
Land Raider Redeemer

(priest went with the termies in their raider)

The mission was dawn of war kill points.

He won the roll for first turn and passed it off to me.  He also deployed nothing and said his whole army would roll on turn 1.  Usually in missions like dawn of war, or when my opponent goes full reserve, I can go more ballsy with my prefered wave, but in this case, I wanted to try and keep it balanced for the sake of testing.

My Turn 1
I want 1 chariot, 2 fiend squads, 3 letter squads (1 with icon) and 1 screamer squad.  I didn't get it, so everything else came in.  I had no idea where he was going to come on so I spread everything out accross the middle of the table.  I put one letter squad and 1 fiend squad on my left flank, the screamers and another letter squad in the center, and the letters with the icon and a screamer squad on my right flank.  The charriot came in way back.  Then I ran and spread out.  1 Charriot mishapped after scattering 12 inches off the table and Tom placed it in a far corner.

Tom's Turn 1
His army rolled on.  His redeemer with the assult squad came on 12 dead center, and unloaded 5 assualt marines which charged my screamers and killed them, consolidating 6 inches into woods since nothing in my army has frags.  His dread came on and hid behind his land raider.  3 Razorbacks, mephiston, and the termie land raider came on 12 on my right flank, effectively taking a squad of bloodletters out of the game.  They all shot at my screamer squad and brought it down to 1 screamer. 

My Turn 2
I got 1 more squad of fiends, 2 more bloodletter squads, the last screamer squad, and the last charriot.  The fiends came up off the bloodletters icon right in the heart of Tom's army, Both bloodletter squad came off the icon as well and, really over loaded that side with bloodletters.  My screamers came down in the center of the table.  My charriots took shots at the rhinos and missed, my charriot that mishapped boosted 24".  The fiends that were previously on the table charged the land raider that teh assualt marines came out of and weapon destroyed it.  2 Bloodletter squads charged the assualt squad that moved into the forest, I lost 4 bloodletters, then butchered the assualt squad.  The loan screamer charged the redemmer ith termies and missed.  But, it made it, so it couldnt move without tank shocking through it. 

Tom's Turn 2
Tom has a lot of threats to answer right now, and not too many way to do it.  Mephiston flies 12 inches and prepares to charge a fiend squad.  His razorback move 12 inches, usuing their hulls to protect mephiston from the 35 bloodletters that are starring at him.  They rapid fire plasma at the fiends mephiston wants to charge, and kill 2 of them.  The libby dread flies 12 and prepares to charge my fiends that just attacked the land raider.  His land raider in the center moves 6, and shoots the screamers killing none.  The other land raider didnt move, due to the fact that he would have to tank shock my screamer.  He onloaded everything he had into it, and killed it.  In combat mephiston charged the squad of 4 fiends, killed two, and took no wounds in return.  My fiends used hit and run to free them selves up.  His dread also charged my 6 man fiend squad and exploded before he even got to swing. 

My Turn 3
Last fiend squad and bloodletter squad came in off the icon again.  Shooting stuns a razorback, and wepon detroys another.  8 Fiends slam into mephiston, he goes first and only kills 1 fiend, from the squad of 2.  7 fiends attack and scroe a total of 5 rends, killing the bastard.  The screamers charge the land raider that only moved 6, and immobilize and stun it.  Around 35 bloodletters charge the 3 razorbacks, do nothing to 2 of them, but explode the 3rd, 6 inches... oops...  I lose a total of 11 bloodletter from all sorts of different squads in the explosion.  That's bad...

Tom's Turn 3 
Tom's marines all get out and shoot up/charge my bloodletters.  I think he killled about 16 more this turn over 3 squads.  His raider with termies drives 12 and charges into my fiends.  I score no rends, and he kills 2 fiends.  I hit and run away.  The 2 razorbacks that are left drive 12" away.  Screamers whiff against his raider by shaking it twice.

My turn 4
My 7 fiends that just killed mephiston go on a killing spree of marines and wipe 2 squads.  My other fiends charge the termies and are planning on having the support of  the 8 remaining bloodletters, but the squad of 6 decided to roll double ones for difficult terrain and fail the charge.  So 2 letters and 4 fiends charge in, kill one termies, and I lose another fiend and a half and both bloodletters.  On the bright side my charriots finally kiled a razorback and the screamers finally wrecked the landraider. 

His Turn 4
His termies beat up my fiends again and kill them, but lose another termie.  His last assualt squad kills my 1 fiend to get the kill point.  his raider drives around since the fiends are no where near it and kills 4 bloodletters fromt he squad of 6. 

My Turn 5
Well I'm up on kill points and I cant tdo too much.  The last squad of 6 fiends kills the last assualt squad and the charriots pop the last razorback.  Everything else runs away. 

Tom's Turn 5
He gets his termies back in the raider, and his raider finishes the last 2 bloodletters.

We roll for it and the game ends on a 2.

 The game ends 10-9 in my favor.  Man was that a blood bath. 

Comments and critiques are welcome.


  1. Really sicko battle. I like the BA army list - well done !!


  2. Thanks Steve! It was one of the closest games weve had in a long time

  3. did you post this on the WC forums?

  4. No but I could post all of them up if you want.