Thursday, February 2, 2012

Round 2 + thoughts on Swarmlord

My thoughts on why I take a swarmlord over a regular tyrnat are simply that he answers a lot of things my list can't deal with otherwise. Swarmlord kills mephiston dead, and without him mephiiston could just run round instkilling my army. He also gives a solid answer to ork nobs, and THSS termies and pallies with his instakilling and forcing re roll invuls. His 18" synapse in almost required for my list as I only have 3 synapse creatures. The buffs he gives (prefered enemy ymgarls in particular) are just so powerful at times. And the +1 to reserves in litterally game changing, granted that a normal tyrant could do that. Lastly in my 2000 point list he also helps my 2 outflanking stealer uits show up where they are needed, since my 1850 list that you saw was just my 2k list minus those stealers he seems liess important.

Now onto round 2.

I got paired up with necrons! This was my first tournament game against the new necrons so I was pretty much learning the army as we went. And now I have to say, damn they are a good army.

Anyway his list,

Overlord- mindshackle scarabs, warscythe
command barge

Overlord- mindshackle scarabs, warscythe
command barge

2 crypteks- solarpulses
2 lords- warschythes
(2 of those guys had the thing that lets you deep struck from your current position, kind of like old veil of darkness, but worse. Don't remember what it's called)

10 Warriors
10 Warriors
5 Immortals- tesla carbines

5 Destroyers
5 Destroyers
10 Scarabs

Anihilation Barge
Anihilation Barge

While it's not even close to how I'd run necrons, it's certainly got its merits and it did give me some ideas.

The mission was pitched battle kill points and I won the roll for first and took it. I deployed in the iddle with everything far up and put the stealers in a suitable piece of terrain.

On my turn 1 I just ran up with everything, my hive guard tried to shoot but couldn't see through the night fight. I made sure to keep my backfield prety crowded so he couldn't physically land his cmmand barges over my army.

On his turn 1 he hung back with pretty much everything except for an overlord who flew over a tervigon on the end causing a wound, and the scarabs who were moving full speed ahead. He used his anihilation barges to kill a gaunts squad screening half my army and then he put some wounds on my tervigon with the destroyers. The scarabs charged in and managed to finish my wounded tervigon and consolidate in front of my lines to keep me from advancing with a lot of my stuff.

On my turn 2 I really wanted to have my ymgarls to show up to charge a destroyer squad a warrior squad and the immortals, but they failed. I charged like 5 monsters into the scarabs just to get the extra movement from the consolidation, and the hive guard managed to stun an anhilation barge which stayed stunned on his turn. 1 of my trygons got feel no pain and rushed out in front of my army.

On his turn he deepstruck a squad of warriors behind my army and tried to kill my hive guard, he didn't realize they were T6. The overlord got out of his command barge and charged swarmlord and i failed my leadership test so I was attacking myself. I was terrified of illing myself since I cause instant death, luckily he only got one attack that failed to wound. His destroyers blew away a trygon :(

On my next turn the game really took a turn for the worst for him. My ymgarls came out and charged a destroyer squad and the the immortals causing the destroyers to run off the board and the immortals to stay locked with only 2 models so he couldn't even shoot them. A trygon rolled like a beast for fleet and charged a warrior squad in his deployment zone forcing them to run off the board. And the last trygon ran backwards and charged the warriors that deepstruck behind me forcing them to run away too. And I charged a tervigon into swarmlords combat to make him randomize which model got hit by the mindshackle scarabs, he got the tervigon who failed his LD test and put 2 wounds on himself, but then swarmlord killed the lord who failed to get back up.

A really great turn.

His other lord came out to play and started going for killpoints, he charged my gaunts and killed about 5 with combat rez. His last destroyers shot at the trygon that made it into his deployment zone and did 4 wounds to him, killing him. The anhilation barges tried to do stuff but whiffed.

I put feel no pain on the unhurt trygon and rushed him towards the destroyers, giving them nowhere to run due to the board edge. I gave him the ultimatum of put 6 wounds on the feel no pained trygon or lose your last destroyer unit. The swarmlord killed a command barge, and the tervigon killed an anhilation barge. The stealers now free also rolled well for fleet and got to his other anhilation barge and killed it. And somehow the hive guard managed rear shots on the last command barge and exploded it. The overlord did manage to kill the last of my gaunts.

The game devolved into the lord killing my hiveguard for easy kill point while I ran way from him because I  was up on kill points regardless. And the destroyers failed to kill the trygon so they got eaten.

I won the game with 3 bonus points and put myself in 2nd place by a mile going into round 3. I was playing my buddy Rich who I play against regularily and he really knows his stuff. But he's only 1 battle point ahead of me! We'll see what happens :)


  1. Excellent work! I really like the details and appreciate the detailed info on the fight with Necrons as they are hard to find played well locally.

  2. Swarmlord is an Eternal Warrior so he cant kill himself.

    Hiveguard shouldnt have to roll for Night Fight.

    1. Swarmlords not Eternal Warrior - 'Nids have no Eternal Warriors :(