Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Back From Templecon!

Well this was the most fun and least fun convention I've been to all in one.

I got there on Thursday night and stayed up far past my bed time hanging out. Then on friday I played in the Warmahordes team tournament, my team went 4-1 while I personally went 5-0, so I was pleased. Then I decided it would be a good idea to play in the midnight warmachine event, where I didn't do so hot.

On my way up stairs I found my way to one of my friends rooms, and hung out with them until some stupid hour of the night/morning. I woke up at 8:30 on 2 hours of sleep, my shoes in a different room then the one I was in, and my army in the car. I texted my friend Simon Leen to find out when teh 40k event started and his responce was "Now." So I scrambled downstairs and explained my situation to the TO who was very understanding, and got my shit together as fast as I could.

Round one I found myself paired up against Sean Nayden, a player who is very skilled and we've crossed paths before. throughout the game I demonstrated that I was far from ready for this tough match, I was forgetting basic rules of assualt and I think I asked what his archon's save was about 12 different times. And of course it didn't help that Sean is probably of equal or even greater skill to me when I'm not hungover and sleepless. Needless to say I got my ass kicked, I mean I was tabled, it was bad...

After my round one tabling and my lack of sleep I asked Kieth the TO how much it would mess with the tournament if I dropped out to get some sleep. Apparently there was an odd number of players so me dropping didn't hurt the cause at all, thankfully. I then packed up my army, left it down there in my dazed state and passed out for 8 hours.  When I woke up I had a text from Sean telling me that Kieth found my army lol!

As much as I needed to get some rest I really wish I had played 40k on Sunday, because I litterally just sat there and watched all day. Not nearly as thrilling.

So that was my templecon adventure, I will be going back next year, but hopefully I can play!


  1. Now, send me an e-mail when you are 30 and try to pull that off. :)

    I'm making it a rule this year that I will get enough sleep to play in tournaments.

  2. Nick was fun meeting you thanks for the tips on my GK. I am nixing the libby and making a few changes your 1850 looks similar to my 2k I am running for a couple local tournaments over the next couple of weeks. Next time you hit templecon or bump into those of us from Dark Star you can hang with us we sre old farts and you will make back in time for decent sleep.