Saturday, February 18, 2012

Grey Knights vs New Necrons 1850

I played against my friend Brad yesterday and his new necrons, here's the list I used.

Coteaz 100
Inquisiotr- rad and psykotrok grenades 55

5 Purifiers- 2 psy cannons hammer rhino 185
5 Purifiers- 2 psy cannons hammer rhino 185

5 Strikes- psy cannon hammer razorback with psybolts 170
5 Strikes- psy cannon hammer razorback with psybolts 170
5 Strikes- psy cannon hammer razorback with psybolts 170
5 Strikes- psy cannon hammer razorback  165
8 Death Cult Assasins 120

Dread- 2 twin linked auto cannons psy bolts 135
Dread- 2 twin linked auto cannons psy bolts 135
Land Raider Redeemer- Multi melta, psybolts 260


And the list he used,

The Diviner

3 Crypteks- 2 tremorstaves 1 chronometron
C'tan- writhing worldscape and stealth

3 units of 5 warriors

2 units of 6 wraiths
10 scarabs

3 spyders
2 spyders
2 spyders
The mission was pitched battle 3 objectives. I put 2 objectives close to each other and in the open so I wouldn't have to kill myself going through terrain to capture it, while he put 1 deep in a forest. He won the roll for first and gave it to me.

I deployed pretty centrally with dreads on the flanks 1 purifier and 2 strike squads on both sides of my land raider which was in the middle. In responce he deployed everything on one half of the board (the half with 2 objectives) since he had the speed to attack my army piece meal. He did put one wraith squad on the other side of everything completely isolated from his army. This was smart since it wasn't enough of a threat to make me want to dedicate some thing to them since whatever I dedicated would be out of position the rest of the game, so they were free to do whatever to my backlines.

On my turn 1 I decided it would be best not to move since everything would immobilize itself on 1's and 2's. So I just sat there and shot, I did manage to kill 2 scarabs.

On his turn 1 he spawned 7 more scarabs (15 total) and advanced with everything. He used a tremorstaff to put the land raider in difficult terrain, so it would be immobilized on a 1 or 2. And lightning from stormlord blew up a dreadnaught on the far flank and the purifiers on the main lines.

On my turn 2 I schooched around with things that could move, and the purifiers walked up as bait for the scarabs. I shot a dread at the C'tan and put 2 wounds on it, I also shot the purifiers on foot at it but night fight kept it safe. I managed to ill 2 wariths with shooting on the far flank.

On his turn 2 he advanced slightly immobilized the other purifier rhino on the far flank, and positioned. his scarab count was up to 22.

My turn 3 was simillar to my turn 2 except my shooting did nothing lol. I'm still afraid to move my land raider because I'd be immobilized o a 1 or 2.

On his turn 3 he decided to grow a pair and charge lol. The wraiths on the far flanks multi charged 2 razorbacks and a rhino which were still in my deployment zone wrecking the rhino, immobilizing a razorback and stunning the other. The tremorstaff put my land raider in terrain again. The scarabs (total 29) multicharged 2 razorbacks the purifiers and a dreadnaught along witht he wraiths who got into the purifiers. Things got sillly when dangerous terrain put wounds on 6 different scarab bases, and cleansing flame put wounds on another 8ish bases without actually removing any models. Silly rules are silly. The purifiers swung and killed about 3 bases, then all thepurifiers died and all the tanks exploded, putting another 7 or so wounds onto the scarabs and killing about 5 bases due to how silly the allocation was earlier. They got good consolidations, meaning my landraider would finally have to move in order fr the deathcults to charge.

On my turn 3
The 2 strike squad and purifier squad got out of their injured tanks and shot and charged the 4 wraiths, making quick work of them and creating an incredibly strong foothold on the lefft side of the board, which I could then use to push into the center. The strikes that got out of the exploded razors from the previous turn moved over ready to charge in to the wraiths and scarbas. Then the moment of truth, the land raider dove 12" and rollled 5 for dangerous terrain! He smashed through the writhing worldcape and unleashed the deathcultists. 1 large multi charge later and every single warith and scarab was dead. I got good consolidation rolls and got out of the c'tan's threat range.

Tactitcal note! Deathcults with rad grenades intakill T3 scarabs!

On his turn 3 he walked spiders torward my army and moved stormlord and orakon and thir squad of warriors over to an objective in the forest. He put some infantry in dangerous terrain with the tremorstaffs and shooting took the remaining purifier squad down to just 2 guys.

On my turn 4 I got the deathcults back in the land raider and advanced up the left flank with my 12 remaining grey knights they shot up a squad of 2 tomb spyders and killled one.

On his turn 4 His 5 spyders advanced more and tried to charge the land raider but failed due to difficult terrain. The other loan spyder walked over to protect the warrior squad in the middle from getting assulted. His shooting was minimal.

On my turn 5 the deathcults got out of the land raider and walked not through terrain and multi charged the spiders killing all of them. Yes, killing all of them. Rad greandes and hammerhand combined so that I wound T6 on 4's. A strike squad reentered the land radier which then drove 12" through terrain onto the objective stormlord and orakon and warriors are sitting on. My 2 purifiers charged a warrior squad in cover but the hammer died on the way in due to terrain. 1 cleansing flame and 2 power weapon wounds later and just 2 warriors were standing, however they didn't run.

On his turn 5 he shot the death cults down to just coteaz and 2 assasins and an inquisitor, the loan spyder charged into my deathcults and also died before t could swing, yay rad grenades! I consolidated even closer to his army. The 1 purfier stayed locked with the warriors, The C'tan failed to damage the land radier meaningfullu.

If the game ended here we draw, but it didn't.

On my turn 6 coteaz and friends charged a warrior squad on the objective, killing it. And a strike squad joined the combat with the purifier and warriros killing them. The assult cannon from the land raider and a psy cannon on heavy finished off the c'tan and that was pretty much game. No matter what I had at least one more objective than him and he could no longer kill my land raider,

 great game and a good learning experience, I learned a lot about the new necrons from this one.


  1. um you cant put wounds on different scarabs, they have no unique wargear, so once you reach 3 wounds, one model dies

  2. You can't allocate wounds to different scarabs, but dangerous terrain and cleansing flame are not allocated wounds, they are done model by model. Therefore each specific scarab in the unit would take a wound from each.

  3. that may be but read page 26 carefully. Specifically paragraph 4 on the right hand side. Its pretty clear that once the saves are failed you take out whole models regardless of source.

  4. Great batrep - the GK army was min maxed to the nth degree. I thought Brad played it very well. Tremor Quaking Cronz are the real deal.


  5. Hey Nick, really digging your blog! I'm a 17 year old guy who just started playing in the Danish tourny-scene. What I find interesting is that I'm the youngest player by far in most tournaments... How does that compare to the US, are there a lot of tournament-goers in your age? Btw you're Indian right (I am)? Feel like starting an Indian ETC team :P?

  6. Hey i'ts always nice to see some younger players rising to the challenge! I was the younget player a few years back, by far, but now I'm finding that there are younger high school students who play in most events, at least in the U.S. Most are still in there 20's-40's though.

    And yeah I'm Indian lol, I'd be happy too, if only there were other competitve Indian players, or if Warhammer was even played in India lol.

    1. Yeah, I wish lol... but keep up the good work!