Monday, October 17, 2011

Xenos need to represent!

I found it incredibly disheartening that there were no tyranids present at all at BFS, and no xenos at all in the top bracket other than my tau, not even dark eldar! I'm taking it upon myself to correct this. Xenos armies have their place in 40k competitively speaking and just because they require more thought that imperial armies does not mean they should be neglected.

The tau I won at 'ard boyz, while still my army, are going to be in the usage of a couple friends of mine. I chose tau partly for the challenge, and partly because a couple friends of mine both like tau and want to get into the game but can't afford it. So, while my army soon arrive (1-3 weeks according to GW) I will be working on tyranids! I'm going to make them my main tournament army for awhile, because I personally have the most fun with them and there are a lot of nuances in there game play that I really need to hammer down. I have to play test some more against dark eldar but if I can handle them I think I can stand a good shot against just about anything.

My tyranids also provide the most tactical challenge to me, and while the tau are a tougher army to use, I'm not really a fan of sitting back and shooting. I am tired of grey knights simply they make the game too easy for me, I actually became a worse player from playing them for so long... My tactics consisted of "table opponent in 4 turns, rush to objectives on the 5th". That's not what I want because that's not fun for me, or argueably more important my opponent. A game which both players are pushed to their tactical limits, calculating every move and placement for a planned victory in 3 turns is fun and rewarding. Because of this I think I'm going to take tyranids out again.

While my tyranids are all built and painted decently, with most of the big monsterss converted, I can do better. I really want to make my tyranids stand out and pop with their paint score, not that it will be easy. I will slowly refine them to a point which every single model in converted and painted with out detail spared(at least for my 2000 point list).


  1. People will be playing Necrons.

  2. Awesome nick.

    Im on a xenos kick as well. Having so much fun with my foot dark eldar. Sorry I didnt make it into the top bracket with you, next time.

    Im also intrigued by tyranids because my friend loves his and has so much trouble finding lists that work in a world with de and to some degree gk.

    I think post conflict I may be working on a nid army of my own. Or earlier if I finish painting the de.

    -Sean -

    ps you know if I make a nid list youre just gona shake your head and wonder how I ever thought it would work.