Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Because my blob sucks, replies to the tau list.

For whatever reason the blog won't let me comment. It says there's a problem with my email address, but I can still post new topics, and I recieve emails about the blog just fine. If anyone has any ideas on this I'd be very thankful for help.

Onto the comments!

As far as why 12 kroot are better than 10, it's actually very situational and abstract. Although, Andrew was kind of close.

In Dawn of war you can deploy up to 2 troops, or infiltrate them. 12 kroot can cover 36" of board space, so 2 units can cover 72. If your enemy has not deployed and has elected a large portion (or all) of his army to come on turn 1 (or through reserves) via his own table edge, than any infantry/mosterous creatures/walkers will be destroyed upon arrival. This is nothing to base a strategy over, but if it auto kills say 15 long fangs, or dreadnaughts in a GK army, or a bunch of bikes or something it's more than worth the sacrifice of 20 kroot. Be wary of tank shocks, coming onto the table is sequential so someone could just tank shock their way on with all of their vehicles and a kroot squad breaks then they can suddenly come on in those 36". Just something to think about.

Moving on lol

Benjamin I appreciate the link! I don't really agree with a lot of what he's saying but I'm sure he's more experienced than myself so I have to respect it.

Eric that was a great game man! I agree about the gun drone issue, 2 is really helpful. But, I've often found 1 to suffice a lot of times. You can't really get by without 1, but you can without 2. The second just helps the cause but isn't necessary.

Old Shatter Hands- Coming from you it means a lot to say that I've already mastered tau. I might be good at list building, but I'm no master at them on the table. I've caught tons of mistakes and sloppy game play so far, and that's terrible when playing tau. I understand the use piranahs have in a lot of cases, but I guess it's deploying them which is my problem. I try not to make them priority targets for my opponents, but they always seem to be the first things to die lol. I must not be trying hard enough.

And lastly, Old shatter Hands and Andrew, I keep going back and forth between the broadsides and the hammerhead. It's only 1 less rail gun shot and it can be shaken, stunned, weapon destryed, or wrecked more easily. But it gives me more mobility, and a railgun that can very easily get side shots. It also gives me another place to hide my battle suits which is always nice. Against bad players it's a bullet magnet lol. And, it gives me the option of covering a short edge with vehicles, very helpful at times.

I'd like to continue this discussion so keep the comments coming!


  1. Nice call on the use of the (two) dozen Kroot. It's a bit more abstract, but I saw a player lose at the Ard Boyz semis because a DE player did the same thing. Flooded the board edge against an opponent who will never make the same mistake again.

    You're welcome for the link. John's more recent experiences are mostly against Blood Angels, whose Fast vehicles and FNP present a serious challenge to any Tau list. He's been gearing up lists that way. John plays Tau differently than the many other local players, but generally has greater success because 1) his lists are better and 2) he's a better general (though not necessarily in that order). He's my go-to Tau guy. Plus, he has them painted like Gundams, so there's that too.

    I don't know if Simon has had a chance to play John, but Simon's brother is currently building a Tau army. You can expect Simon to get in even more practice for your rematch!

    Sidenote: My Daemons absolutely hate his Tau, though. I drop in Soul Grinders without fear and Phlegm templates wipe out Crisis suits. Deep Striking means I only need to weather one turn with all the invulnerable saves afforded to the Daemons, and most Tau lists have more infantry in which to get stuck in shooting-proof assault. (Is there a term for that strategy??)

    Wow, I'm chatty today. :)

  2. Try to install the disqus tool :

    I've installed it on my blogger blog and it's definitely a good tool for comments.

  3. To me the problem with blocking the board edge is it's very unfriendly. I wouldn't want to hang out with someone who does this or talk to them. These tournaments are also social events. What is the point of playing a hobby game like 40k if you are trying to get one over? I will warn an opponent if I can block the edge and now they are forced to set up and take it on the chin. I came to play a real game, not get a cheap win against a newer player who may now be turned off to the game.

    The reason why these sort of tactics are ineffective is they help you club seals and good players see what is going on right away. So essentially win more. I guess you aren't paying points for it but still when people say "oh I crush with X army or strategy" I say to them let's play and I'll show you why you aren't going to win a tournament with this.

  4. @ Brian
    You may not like strategy and I won't defend it, but a couple things to note:
    It's not illegal and there are opponents who will do this given the opportunity. But if players are aware of the strategy, it's less likely to happen and that's the best way to stop it. An emotional appeal likely wouldn't affect the player who would do this.

  5. "To me the problem with blocking the board edge is it's very unfriendly. I wouldn't want to hang out with someone who does this or talk to them."

    That's your friendship litmus test? To each their own, but I think the above is pretty OTT

    It all depends on setting. In a high stakes tournament game, if my opponent screwed up I'd probably consider doing it. It's a bit like a scholar's mate in chess, and once you're caught by it once, you facepalm and never let yourself get caught by it again. In a friendly game, I don't think anyone would actually use this, or if they did, would do it more as a learning experience.

    That being said, the reverse of what you said is also true. I don't think I'd want to associate too heavily with someone who raged over having this done to them (this isn't directed at you, more as an abstract, because you weren't "raging"). If it happens to you, you should take responsibility and realize that it really was your bad, and shake your opponents hand, probably with a rueful shake of your head. If it happened to me, I can honestly say I know I wouldn't blame my opponent at all, but I would request another game (even though in a tournament the second game would be for funsies).

    Just remember, this is a game like any other, we're all trying to win (and should be) and shouldn't be upset when we get beat, no matter how the beating comes.

  6. Blocking table edges from outflankers is what Tau need to do...nothing sucks more than have Some outflankers roll your entire army because you weren't able to block. Tau die so freaking easily that you NEED to do this in order to have a it's actually unfriendly not to protect your flanks. (that's some spin there ain't it)

    A Tau player has to be very careful...caution is the name of the game when all your pretty models go tits-up so easily.

    Piranhas..if I aint going first, I place them behind a D.Pod Devilfish or HH. or some terrain where at least they can get a cover save. Then I will turbo boost them one by one to block movement, or maybe even all three at once.

  7. "To me the problem with blocking the board edge is it's very unfriendly. I wouldn't want to hang out with someone who does this or talk to them."

    I agree with Andrew's assessment of when to do this. In high stakes tournament games.

    Ive actually dont it twice to very experienced tournament gamers with my salamanders drop pod army. Once even in the Nova invitational, and the other time to someone else who qualified for that event.... so saying its something that only clubs seals is rather uninformed. People do get angry when you do it though... its a big shot to the gut.

    I wouldnt ever do it to friends or newer players. In fact in a tournament that I did pull it off, I had told my friend that I wouldnt do it to him even though I could and he had gone all reserve.

    Of course I almost did it to Nick, but he had the good or lucky gumption to actually deploy against me.