Monday, October 10, 2011

Back from BFS!

A great weekend catching up with some friends like Simon Leen, Bill McFadden, Mike Brandt, Alex Fennell, Ragnar Arneson (sp?), Eric Hoeger, Mike Somerville, Ed Miller, Dan Mautlich, Chris Dubuque, and tons more! I had a really fantastic time.

I'd like to thank Ed, Bob, and John for running a wonderful tournament! It was a blast. And Fritz for running the 500 poitn tourney which was pure sillynes but I nice way to de-stress after losing round 1 of day 2.

I certainly would also like to congratualte Mike Brandt for ren man, Neil Gilstrap for tournament champion, and Ragnar for just kicking ass with CSM!

For those of you who don't know I borrowed my friend Rich's TAU! They were a blast to play and only one game made me feel like I couldn't do much. I went 3-2 but made it into the top bracket, then won most kills in the 500 point tournamt lol. I played 3 friends of mine who I don't get to play often at all, Ragnar, Eric, and Simon and all were fantastic games. My other 2 games were very nice and relaxed aswell.

But nothing compares to the crazy fun I had in the 500 point tournament. That thing was just an awesome joke where kroot were killing everything! No one took it seriously and everyone was playing for fun and laughs which was the best part!

A quick recap of my games will be coming and I learned a lot about tau for when I do eventually get my army. I have some pretty unorthodox ideas I want to try so we'll see what heppens!


  1. It was great to finally play you too. I have never had my rear handed to me the way you managed that, and I now have a steep respect for the army. Can't wait to catch you at future events.