Monday, January 23, 2012

2011 a year in review

It's a little late to think of things from 2011, but I'm doing it anyway! The reason I do this is to find trends that occur twhen I play (good and bad) and see how I can correct them. Plus it's a bunch of random facts, and random facts are fun!

(Note that all data is based off of tournament games only)

Grey Knights
Win % = 82.7%
Win % against Space Wolves = 100% (5 games)
Win % against dark eldar = 100% (2 games)
Win % against ork = 100% (3 games)
Win % against blood angels = 100% (2 games)
Win % against Necrons = 100 % (1 game)
Win % against Space Marines = 50% (2 games)
Win % against Chaos Marines = 100% (1 game)
Win % against Guard = 66.7% (3 games)
Win % against Sisters = 100% (1 game)
Win % against demons = 100% (2 games)
Win % against Tyranids = 100% (1 game)
Win % against Grey Knights = 0% (1 game)

So we learned that I have lost to guard, vanilla marines, and other grey knights. What we can take from that is that we now know an army that is better at shooting down transport vehicles than I am has the upp edge against me. I noticed this trend afteer Nova and I think the answer for it is paladins, but I've yet to play test it.

Win % = 100% (I've gone undefeated with them in 2011 so I'll just list the armies I played against and how many times)
Space Marines (1 game)
Orks (3 games)
Eldar (1 game)
Space Wolves (2 games) (both were standard jaws missile lists)
Grey Knights (1 game)
Deathwing (1 game)

Although their sample size is smaller, based o win records this does lend itself to me making tyranids my go to tournament army 2012 (at least until 6th ed). More testing to follow.

Win % = 62.5%
Space Marines = 50% (4 games)
Tyranids = 66% (3 games)
Chaos Marines= 100% (2 games)
Deathwing= 100% (1 game)
Dark Edar= 100% ( 1 game)
Blood Angels = 0% (1 game)

Okay, now that I've complete going through my tournament list here's some interesting food for thought. space marines are the only army to have better than a 100% loss record aginst moore than one army. In fact, 2 polar opposite armies, gery knights and demons, This goes to show that they are perfectly capable of balanced, competitive lists, and that blanaced lists are the ones that prevail.

Also take note that Space Wolves never won a game out of the 8 that were played, and 2 were against tyranids. This is good evidence to prove that they really aren't that big and scary anymore. This also explaiins why many space wolf playerzs are switching off the band wagon.

Now if we look at what my records mean we will realize that vanila marines have the strongest showing against me, personally. That pretty much means I should start taking them more seriously and testing against them more frequently.

What else do you guys think this means?


  1. i was hoping youd do more with nidz this year.

  2. Ironically, vanilla Space Marines come in many flavors. Not sure which versions you squared up against, so I can't say how you would practice.