Sunday, September 25, 2011

Bugs at Blobs Park!

I got back from Blobs park around 11am today (Sunday) and I had a great time. The only thing I'm stingy about is the 5 hour car drive it took because I had to go out of my way, although some of my friends were nice enough to let me crash at their house for the night.

The rounds were a little long which is rarely a complaint I have. But, for someone who commonly finishes games in an hour I often found myself hanging around for 2 hours doing nothing between games. It would have been nice to finish before 11pm and have shorter rounds honestly.

The seperation of scores probably should have been higher, and I don't agree with a lack of best general prize. I managed to go 4-0 with 4 masacres, only missing 2 bonus points in the whole tournament, and I still lost to Dameon Green who lost a game and missed 4 bonus points throughout the tournament. Not to take away from him, his army is drop dead gorgeous and he earned it, but I felt a little robbed not getting proper recognition for having the most battle points.

That said, the prize support was fantastic! I would have liked to see some trophies or plaques, because I find that stuff to have sentimental value, as oopposed to just profit. But, I won best xenos player (and best general, not that there was a prize for that) and got myself a dark eldar army!

But seriously other than that (one of which isn't the tournament's fault) it was a great event, the food was good and not to expensive. the bathroom could use work though lol. It was great to catch up with all of my friends from the VA, DC, PA area. Anyway enough about the tournament my opinions about it, let's get onto the battle reports.

I brought tyranids to this one, mainly for funsies, and boy it was a great time. I've been playing nids lot latley and I've been having a blast!

Here's the list I brought,

Swarmlord 280
Guard- lash whips 65

2 Hive Guard 100
2 Hive Guard 100
8 Ymgarls 184

10 Gaunts 50
10 Gaunts 50
5 Stealers 70
5 Stealers 70
Tervigon- adrenals, sacs, clusters, scything talons, catalyst, 200
Tervigon- adrenals, sacs, clusters, scything talons, catalyst, 200

Trygon- adrenals 210
Trygon- adrenals 210
Trygon- adrenals 210

Round one I got paired up against my buddy Vaiden or however the hell you spell it. We played last round at BFS were I edged his guard out with demons. This time he brought his deathwing ravenwing combo and I brought my nids.

He was running something like this.

4 units of 5 TH SS termies with cyclones, 1 was the command squad with FNP and the banner.
2 units of 3 bikes each with 2 meltas
2 attack bikes with multi meltas
2 predators- AC HB
1 typhoon

The mission was capture and control seize ground and we both put our objectives in the middle of our deployment zone so that the outflankers couldn't wreak havoc. I got first turn and pushed up with everything, then he deepstruck 2 terminater squads in. He had his command squad with belial drop behind a regular terminater squad as a counter charge unit. Then he shot a tervigon down with 6 missiles and 2 meltas.

The problem with deathwing is that they have great mobility when the deep strike being able to come in wherever they want, and they have 2 48" missile shots per unit, menaing they can come in wherever they want and threaten you. That makes it very hard to battle them, since you can't predict any of their moves with any accuracy. The game doesn't really start until they come down, so until then all you can do is get some board control and hope for the best.

In my following turn I charged 2 trygons into his 5 terminaters, and I ran swarmlord over to be a countercharge, for when his deathstar countercharges. My trygons charged is and actually killed all the terminaters, then they got nice consolidations and actually got out of his unit's threat range. My Ymgarls came in and had charge range to his whole army, I charged them into sammael and took off hsi assualt cannon, a predator and wrecked it and, 5 terminaters to tie them up.

In his turn he could do little to rebuttle, but deepstrike a squad in my back field, threatening my objective. He also freed his termies from my ymgarls. I countered by chargins swarmlord, a trygon, and 10 outlfnaking stealers into his deathstar. He didn't know swarmlord makes you re roll successful invuls, needless to say his unit was wiped in a turn. Another trygon charged his bikes and wiped them, and the last trygon charged the termies that the stealers were previously fighting, and got his ass kicked. My Hive guard were picking away at his predators and attack bikes. For now I ignored his squad threatening my objective.

He couldnt do much to stop me now, his termie squad that killed the stealers and trygon charged into another tyrgon and killed it, at this point I've only killed 1 of these termies on roids.

I pushed up at this point, engaging the bikes where I could and killing them. I also got right up in his termies face with swarmlord and some stealers. A trygon charged into my backlines and killed sammael, stopping his chance of boosting to contest an objective and threatening the termies that were threatening my back lines.

On his turn his termies that were in my backfield charged some gaunts and killed them and his other termies squad ran right at my stealers, avoiding swarmlord and killed them.

On my turn swarmlord killed his termies and some gaunts jumped over to his objective. My trygon, 12 spawned gaunts, and a tervigon charged into his termies in my backfield and killed them.

The game ended there on turn 6, where he had been tabled. I missed 1 bonus point this game. I felt pretty good about this game, but I knew my next one would be tough since I did so well in this game.

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  1. I'm curious... from your other comments on Tyranids, do you think your opponent played as strong a game here as you did? If not, do you think you still would have won if he had?

    My Tyranids are temporarily in retirement after getting vaporized a few times by mech shooting (IG, BA RazorAss spam) and then wiped out by a khorne army that just hugged cover and defied me to come in after them. So I'm very interested in hearing whether you think this list could hold its own against a top-tier list played well, or even a mid-tier list that notices you have no grenades...