Sunday, September 18, 2011

Back from ard boyz!

Yesterday was the ard boyz semi finals. I went to the location in central Jersey, which suprisingly only had 13 attendees, 4 of which I played regularily lol. To make things even more awesome I brought my tyranids! The same list that I ran at the preliminaries.

Swarmlord 280
2 Guard- lash whips 130
10 ymgarls 230
3 hive guard 150
3 hive guard 150
4 Tervigons- adrenals, sacs, catalyst, clusters 195 ea. (1 was HQ)
3 units of 10 gaunts 50 ea.
3 Trygons- adrenals 210 ea.

Round one I played against a fantastic eldar player. His army was fully painted and drop dead beautiful at that. He knew his army and played very well. The mission was pitched battle VP's, and each player selected 1 troop model to be their messanger, if that models gets into the enemy's deployment zone they get 500 VP's. Turn 1 he scored his messanger into my deployment zone, and by turn 2 he blew up my messanger. My ymgarls came up but no one was near them so thy just stood there. Most of this game was keep away, while I killed whatever I could catch. In the end the VP total was 1480 to 1320 or something, giving us both a draw (in his favor). I was very pleased with that considering it was mech eldar against a great player and he scored an additonal 500.

Next round I found myself against George, a friend of mine who plays orks, who I also got to play at the Nova Open. He brought a horde with 45 lootas, 180 boyz, 3 deff koptas and ghazghkul. It was pitched battle, control the center, so we can all guess how this game was going to go, Charge! I won the roll for first and feel no pained 3 tervigons and swarmlord. Then my hive guard blew up 2 deff koptas. He ran right at me with 150 boyz, and one squad was congo lined in front as a screen. His lootas almost killed a tervigon. My ymgarls came in and multi charged 2 squads of orks and 1 squad of lootas, then 40 gaunts and a trygon charged into that combat also, the stealers morphed fro toughness and were granted feel no pain so they lonly lost 4, and I won combat by 32 I beleive and wiped everything. George charged back with his remaining 90 orks and ghazghkul, killing all my gaunts and getting stuck with with swarmlord and a tervigon. The lootas almost killed another tervigon. The ymgarls charged another loota squad and killed them I then spawned another 30 gaunts or so, made verything 1 big combat with them, charged all 3 trygons in and started going to town. This combat was a 2 by 2 section in the middle of the board. In the end George did 2 wounds, and I did 56, meaning I won by 54. George has now lost everything except a loota squad and we called it there.

I'm in 3rd going into last round and I get paired against my friend Vinny. He usuallt plays guard but this time he's running wolves. The table we got was pretty strange, there were lots of large impassible rocks everywhere which were even tall enough to give trygons cover. He won the roll for first and deployed his 21 missiles 5 las plas backs and jaws all centrally (it was spearhead by the way) I opted to reserve everything, and deepstrike the trygons. He shuffled around a bit waiting for me to come on. When I did come on I only got 1 trygon and no stealers, along with 3 tervigons 20 gaunts 1 hiveguard and swarmlord, so I was pretty much confined to 6" up. My hive guard came in and knocked out a rhino. Then everyone else took cover and hoped for the best.

On his turn we got to roll for what the objective was, it was random. On a 1-2 it was KP's, on a 3-4 it was quarters, on a 5-6 it was terrain features, we rolled table quarters, to capture a quarter you had to have more scoring unit in it than your opponent.

He fired 21 missiles into my hive guard and failed to kill them thanks to cover and fnp. A couple las plas backs finished them off though, then he tried to jaws through swarmlord and a tervigon but he rolled an 11! Even without shadows. He had scouts come on and multi charge a tervigon and 20 gaunts, and he got his ass kicked. Next turn my ymgarls came in and were given prefered enemy and fnp then they multi charged a long fang squad a the rune priest with jaws and his grey hunter squad and kileld everything but a couple long fangs. The rest of my amy came in and I blitzed his right flank very hard, with 3 trygons. I also knocked out another 2 razorbacks. With the rune priest gone swarmlord and the tervigons can be aggresive, and I can start spawining gaunts since it's quarters. vinny's in trouble, he detaches logan from his wolf guard death star and charges my stealers, killing 4. The he fires his whole army at my trygons, killing 1, and leaving another at 1 wound. I retaliate with a mass killing of vinnys's troops on his right flank with the trygons. I sent the wounded trygon after some grey hunters, wiping them, and I sent the strong one into his death star. Swarmlord hit logan and killed him, and his guard multi charged into his death star making it 1 combat. I spawned even more gaunts. At this point Vinny had a few razors, and 3 grey hunter squads, and 2 lang fang squads. While I had swarmlord, 2 trygons, 4 tervigons and 80 or so gaunts. He did what he could on his turn, killing a trygon, and a tervigon, but I just kept spawning and killing. It ended on turn 5 with me having 3 scoring units in 1 quarter, 2 in another, 4 in the quarter which he had 3, and 2 in the last quarter. I held all 4 quarters giving me the masacre, with 2 bonus points.

On the top table my friend Ned lost to a dark eldar player, but only minor, with no bunus points. That sling shotted me to first, with tyranids! I chose tau as the arm I would recieve. I'd like to continue proving the internet wrong about how tyranids are bad, and soo I will be doing that with tau!


  1. Congratulations!

    Tyranids still need the love, man. They're not even on the codex update radar.

  2. An army with 46 T6 Sv3+ wounds clearly has something going for it. I like it.