Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Blobs park and bugs?

Well I'm fairly decided on bringing tyranids to blobs park. I'm having a ton of fun with them and, much like my demons, they really make me think. A lot of my friends are heading there like Andrew Gonyo, Brad Park, Ted Nagel, Justin Cook and his crew, even the ellusive Mike Brandt.

As much as I'd love to win it with tyranids my expectations are fairly low. I'm starting to find that the only reason I'm doing so well with tyranids is because I keep out outplaying people (not to sound conceeded), but they really aren't that great of an army. At Ard Boyz I played against a mech eldar player with an unoptiized list, it had howling banshees for crying out loud! And, simply because he was roughly the same skill level as me (possibly better) he nearly beat me. I have never lost to an eldar player before with tyranids or demons, regardless of what the internet says about the match up lol. I suppose that just goes to show how much of a difference play skill does make. But I am starting to find that when paired up with someone of equal skill to me, and they're playing blood angels, wolves, guard, or any of those heavy hitters (barring grey knights surprisingly) that I really shouldn't stand a chance.

Not that I'm making excuses either, I'm still going to play nids, knowing full well that if I bring grey knights I'll have a much better chance of victory. I'm heading out there to have fun!


  1. Glad to hear you're bringing 'Nids Nick, should be a fun time, and I made the decision today as well to run something I haven't yet and have always wanted to. Draaaiigggoooo

    Make sure you're still winning those games though, so you can just shove over my way all those drink tickets to keep me good and sauced up.

    Also, I'm buying you a dictionary for Christmas. Kids these days.

  2. Good to hear you're going to be thinking about bugs. Look forward to reading about it!